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  1. One of the main reasons I didnt continue as APD was b/c of teamspeak... It was constantly either whispers or shatteringly loud with 10 people constantly stepping on everything... Granted, my circumstances are a bit special (wear hearing aids,) and I have to constantly adjust people's volume, or outright mute them to maintain my own awareness/sanity/civ interactions. For whatever reason Discord seems infinitely easier to manage (for me at least...). --- Just my .02 - obviously I cannot expect folks to adapt to my personal disability/needs... that is silly... but I have heard (despite being deaf lol,) a few, objective, gripes about TS... I) Some folks thinking the TS is dead b/c when they join they do not have appropriate perms and see empty rooms... "Man this server is dead, no admins, even the TS is empty..." II) Idle kick when patiently waiting for support... III) Not accustomed to TS, unable to personally troubleshoot issues - pushing new players to choose between a known/mainstream system (discord,) or an older, less intuitive system... --- I've def thought the TS was dead until I got APD perms... I've been kicked for idle many, many, times lol... The third I've seen mentioned on a couple other discord channels and seems reasonable... --- All said, my main reasoning supporting Discord is entirely selfish... The arguments above supporting TS generally seem reasonable; I cannot argue, at all, against most points...
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