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Car show, street race, destruction derby

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Gaging interest and getting comments on a car show followed by street racing and a destruction derby. Contestants will pay something like a 10k ante and meet in the salt flats to vote on the best vehicle skin. After the winner is selected he receives 10% of the pot.

Police should be welcome to compete in any of these events using APD vehicles and skins. 

The next event will be a street race from salt flat drug runner 4 to Athira checkpoint gate. 3 winners get 40, 30, and 20 percent of the pot. Race will begin with a flare gun and be live streamed from a Caesar BTT or something.

A final separate optional event will be a destruction derby. Each contestant will pick from any vehicle including armor and will have a driver and 1 gunner if desired. VDM rules should be suspended for this event. I am looking for suggestions on the objective for a destruction derby that would work for Asylum. I think  a simple last man standing rule works. All vehicles must stay in the salt flat or something. 

Please give me your suggestions and let me know if you want to do some test runs so that we can come up with optimal scenarios. 

Let me know if something like this has been done before and we won't have to "reinvent the wheel"

After the event we can catalogue all the video footage and make a montage of all racers videos

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