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  1. It was never proven to be false lmao It was just him saying he never said that. You started laughing when the President of the United States put down a man for suffering a drug habit and managed to overcome it? Man that’s sad.
  2. @Leady @Mason dont talk in discord dont make forum posts near 0 interaction with community publicly srs what’s the point of the title of CM can someone explain Im also really bored and need some drama
  3. I faked being black for 3 years, id shit on all of u
  4. If i cheat on the minecraft server will i get banned
  5. I’d like to extend an offer to join the Envy News team. PM for details
  6. Terrorist why cant u agree with me just once even when im wrong
  7. Under Mitch’s iron fist, drama on the forums have seen an all time low. every day i log on the forums and its the same fucking boring shit. bring back all Asylum, every day u woke up expecting a new thread on the latest Tiger drama or Suburu being a fuckhead. Lets get it going
  8. Reapered

    trump 2020

    You dumbfucks realize nobody is actually gonna change their opinion from a fucking arma 3 forum. but fuck trump foreal yall trippin
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