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  1. Is @Azeh too busy harshly critiquing good albums or something? Mans gotten lazy
  2. nobody sell him a house, don’t let him get hooked on this game again
  3. it’s not about owning what’s deserved, it’s a fucking video game. Imagine the race between everybody to make as much money as quickly as they can to buy back their primeg houses, if you can’t see the value in springing back life/progression into the game instead of sitting in your prime kavala square house 24/7 then idk what to say.
  4. if asylum continued on to arma 4 and they made money/any progress carry over, what would even be the point of playing the new server. If anything they should be wiping the server once a year cause the games so fuckin stale everybody is megarich. game was so much more fun when it first came out cause everybody was poor and pulling an orca/ifrit was considered risky and a huge loss if you lost it. People fought tooth and nail over cartels cause of the money and huge conflicts over drug runs. People used to cry over admins just having free loadouts and playing with gangs, now its seen as normal cause 9/10 players have access to disgusting amounts of cash. Look at other games with servers like rust/dayz, hell even fuckin Escape from Tarkov wipe their entire game just to keep it fresh. Idk why people here are so against getting their shit wiped, some of the oldest players have probably held houses for almost a decade. If asylum wiped the server annually, id be on all day every day, getting that anxiety on my drug run cause i know if I lose this im fuckin back at kavala picking apples again for a car.
  5. i think you should put more focus on this, oh wait you can’t cause you’ll end up in prison for even looking at this picture. china on top btw
  6. when liberalism starts causing the government to use tanks to run over it’s own citizens I’ll start to worry
  7. I’ll be a pro someday on league buddy and you’ll be eatin ur words then
  8. I hear yall are still playing this shit game, don’t tell me it’s true
  9. Too funny Clint man, I’m sure you will send the police to my house just like Mitch said he sent them to OSB’s house. We all know you’re just trying to act like a big guy in front of everybody. I didn’t break no fuckin laws. FYI I have video evidence of not previous staff but also some current staff (FRIENDS OF YOURS) of doxxing people that I have kept quiet out of respect for you because believe it or not, I didn’t ever do the shit you think I did to you that you still hold a grudge over. Ban me from this idc, Asylum is long over with for me. Goodbye.
  10. I’m far above that, broke more than some “simple” rules. put some respect on a real 1, don’t mix my name with those other clowns
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