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  1. I’d like to announce that i was a woman all along. And I’m asian
  2. First woman on Asylum staff nice
  3. haha flying copter go pew pew gimmie that
  4. Not every person has a forum account and the admins don’t know which forum accounts belong to who if they use different names and don’t have their player id linked.
  5. Everybody cheats in gang wars, no point.
  6. Just more fun to fight banks and feds cause you actually make money off of it. You don’t hardly earn shit with cartels cause people will just wait till you’re offline to cap drug or wongs and do their shit. If you gave good incentives to fight over it, more rats would come.
  7. @Gaskal i see you on this thread you are terrorist, goodbye
  8. Would’ve been more understandable tbh
  9. I'd love to know the mouth breather who called Rodrigo a retard.
  10. you just accused him of honeydicking, is that even an insult
  11. Strife or Koth would be dope with 0 gay shit
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