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  1. That’s because a large majority of Chinese are living good lives and believe the current government are the cause of that. If you mention Tibet, Hong Kong, or Taiwan to a normal Chinese citizen, they will legit get angry. They are brainwashed.
  2. Thank you for your opinion but I think you kinda went way off topic my friend. i was mainly questioning the power of china over a lot of u.s companies. This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats lmao.
  3. @YuSheng what is overall public opinion of what’s happening in China? Are they happy with the government? Is there something that we, the people of the west, do not see? what is your opinion mr yusheng
  4. Hell yea brother game on
  5. the king has returned
  6. Today fellow gamers we must populate the arma 3 asylum servers because i am fucking bored and have nothing else to do today. lets unite on the asylum servers and nonstop game all through the night boys. Meetup at arms island in 30 minutes, game on fellow gamers!!!!
  7. Just soft int, dont run it down mid just play like you’re retarded and you wont ever get banned. Done it plenty of times and nothing has ever happened if i wanna lose i just perma split push top overextend and die to ganks. Its fun
  8. Brother, there are key words that get you banned instantly. There is a filter, you have to be smart about your toxicity.
  9. Fuck that shit, I’ll be contacting Envy’s lawyer. We will fight this brother
  10. This shit is never dying, Arma 4/bohemian game will eventually come and that’s when you, Jesse, and Azeh need to pop the fuck off and throw up an RP server as quick as possible. Retards who say this shit is dying have been saying that since 2016, I believed it was when the greedy cunt and fat fuck were running things but you guys did what those 2 lazy cunts couldn’t do in 3 years. People think I did the teamspeak and abusing admin shit because I was done with Asylum and wanted it to die, there’s some truth to that but it was mainly Bamf’s and Gnashes’s Asylum. I never hated you or anyone else on the staff.I did care a lot about the community when i was an admin and I’m actually happy that you guys are continuing the legacy.
  11. Deep down you love us all buddy just admit it, even if we are all whiney bitches
  12. Kanye West is the greatest hip hop producer of all time.
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