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Lagoon Shipping CO. | Gang Recruitment


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Lagoon Shipping Co.

The main objective of Lagoon Shipping Co. is to fulfil orders placed by other gangs, groups, or individuals. The secondary objective is to take over cartels and have fun. We're a new gang and currently on the smaller side, and looking to expand. We primarily focus on good RP while following all server rules, while not being toxic.



100+ hours on ARMA 3

40+ hours on Asylum

Knowledge of the game and server

16 Years or older



Application Format

Hours (Screenshot for proof):


In-game name: 

Previous Gangs: 

Are you in APD/AFD?: 

What is your best skill?: 

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Application Format

Hours (Screenshot for proof): 3,237 https://snipboard.io/7cTyJK.jpg

Age: 20

In-game name: bIL

Previous Gangs: None on this server (187 on Darkside arma life)

Are you in APD/AFD?: No

What is your best skill?: Flying

Other: I'm coming over from another life server so don't have too much experience on this server but almost all my arma hours are on life servers. I love grinding out resource runs.

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