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  1. What is this a fivem server? Want me to put on peacetime for 15 min to get some passive rp going? This defeats the whole purpose of the game and literally nobody gives a shit how you feel.
  2. You are all retards, I wouldn't be surprised to see you getting mod. Btw you need to make a character support ticket for a forums name change because you do not have enough rep. This question is equivalent to someone asking how to change their member title and your like "oh its right here bud??!!"
  3. you also need to be in this server https://discord.gg/VemAv9Es
  4. This should be added with some type of new role for the Governor. Example could be putting a city on curfew or some sort of lockdown where it makes the national guard an enemy depending on how the Governor wants to use them. The Governor could have a choice of being good or corrupt, which means he could use the National Guard at his disposal for good things like controlling drug trade and starting fights with rebels or being corrupt by raising taxes and controlling who can leave or enter cities while maybe being able to start massacres/mass murders against people and possibly a system or new r
  5. Mass re-invite, Join back if you were banned by a rouge staff member https://discord.gg/V4t5SUu

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