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  1. keep inventory and houses but wipe almost all money idfk
  2. I think you should kill yourself actually. add that back and go fuck yourself chinese bozo
  3. Its a equation for success that none of you people have seen or experienced before
  4. Fix = Money wipe (not inventory or houses), delete stupid shit and move kavala back to the top of the spawn list.
  5. A Piece of the Ari Petrou Estate: Prygos DMV 3C FeaturesMax Storage Filled with Coke and Rare Weapons like Zafirs/RPK Great View / Location / Air Port / Gang Fortress / Lakka / Mining / Cocaine FieldScreenshots In Person View Taking offers from the forums but mainly privately in my dmsAri Petrou#4652
  6. A Piece of the Ari Petrou Estate: Prygos DMV 3C Features Max Storage Filled with weapons and items Great View / Location Screenshots Taking offers from the forums and privately in my dms Ari Petrou#4652
  7. Fuck all of you were not doing this
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