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  1. Just know who your fighting and be aware of their friends from other gangs that might possibly group up
  2. Im already worth billions wouldn't really be fair
  3. killlle your cracked maaaaaaan
  4. Can someone confirm if Patato retired because of Jesse’s shit update? On the other hand thank god Kelly and Nick are not admins. Congrats to the others

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    2. 王 Foxx 王

      王 Foxx 王

      @Ignis You go pound sand you fat piece of shit. 

    3.  王 Ari Petrou 王

      王 Ari Petrou 王

      Yeah ignis fuck you retard

    4. Ignis


      Just call me  Ignis 

  5. Yeah you probably haven’t seen us because after seeing your shit gameplay you are probably fucking blind or have some crippling disability
  6. Yeah I don’t need to know someone who is complete dog shit at this game
  7. What’s that mean idk you
  8. Your fucking shit and so is it everyone your fighting
  9. Lmao this time that’s actually my house
  10. Yo that guy ZRPH is just complete shit
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