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  1. Hello everyone, Lagoon Shipping Co. is a company that will mine, pick, and collect anything that you need. You can either pick up the shipment or we can deliver straight to you. We have the best prices in all of Altis, join out discord (https://discord.gg/KtEYM6qg2H) and go to the order form channel to get started. I hope you choose us for your material needs, thank you.
  2. Lagoon Shipping Co. The main objective of Lagoon Shipping Co. is to fulfil orders placed by other gangs, groups, or individuals. The secondary objective is to take over cartels and have fun. We're a new gang and currently on the smaller side, and looking to expand. We primarily focus on good RP while following all server rules, while not being toxic. Requirements 100+ hours on ARMA 3 40+ hours on Asylum Knowledge of the game and server 16 Years or older Application Format Hours (Screenshot for proof): Age: In-game name:
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