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  1. Seasonal quests are meant to be long term and semi-difficult to complete
  2. When someone makes skins - https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop.html
  3. I would like to know your gaming asylum specifications of your computer.
  4. If you got anymore ideas, hit me up
  5. Added: Multiple items can be selected when picking up items. Hold CTRL and click LMB to select multiple individual items, or hold SHIFT and click LMB to select all the items between a LMB click and the SHIFT + LMB click. Rebel loadouts can be purchased with Blood Money. Having APB will display "(APB)" next to your wanted amount at the bottom of your screen. 3D icon added to body of accepted medic request to make it easier to find. Earthquake Rework Magnitudes range from 1-5. Epicenter of quake contains valuable deep earth metals or gems, increasing in value with magnitude. No more screen shake or blur when flying. Federal Event - Mental Asylum The Mental Asylum is located north of Kore, and is a desolate wasteland of rotting corpses and deranged patients. You must infiltrate the compound by breaching either wall entrances with demo charges. Once you have activated the explosives on the bombs, enter the compound to start the thermite reaction on the front door. After waiting 15 minutes for the thermite to explode, enter the main hospital and hack all 5 laptop stations via usb to cripple the mainframe. After 10 minutes of holding out and hacking all the laptops, you will be given a random key code to open up the lost mental patients tomb. North of the compound and randomly located, is the marker of the patients tomb. Enter the correct combination and have the riches of the most wanted man in the world! APD officers may stop the breach within (right when the thermite starts, and right before you get the keycard). The backup mainframe laptop for cops is situated to the back of the main building. Whilst the federal event is active, officers may redeploy to Kore Checkpoint to buy weapons and pull out vehicles. This is not an HQ, so seizing items etc cant occur here. This spawn will only be active whilst the Mental Asylum is actively being breached. 7 Officers are required to start the breach. Gang bank wire transfers Only ranks 1-2 can submit a wire transfer via gang bank atm. A scroll down menu will list every gang member with their name/uid. The money will be sent to said players mailbox, use !comp to retrieve. Spray Can Asylum Subscribers have the ability to use spray cans to spray temporary icons on floors/walls. Shift + B is the hotkey for selecting a place to paint and confirming said spot. Donor 7+ will also receive exclusive sprays, in addition to the traditional sub only sprays. If you want to spray on the bottom of your shoes, aim at the floor or at the sky. If you want to spray at a wall/object look at it instead. Use !spray to change your active spray image. Donor 7+: Among Us, Battleye, Los Pollos Hermanos, Trump, Tractor, Anime 1 & 2, Ego Drop, F APD, and Robocop Subscriber: Dog Poop, Potato Aim, Doom Slayer, Jedi Order, Tea Bag, Weed, Elon Musk, Jack Daniels, Troll Face, Mald Maniac, and Obunga If you have donor 7+ and subscribed, then you will be able to use all listed sprays. Executioner Finishing Move Players who are donor 7+ and are active subscribers, have the ability to perform a finishing move on a restrained player. Must have a lethal handgun and at least 1 bullet, to perform the execution. Governor System Taxes will now be applied to any shop excluding rebels and turfs. The max tax percentage is 15%. Legal Weed - If a governor chooses so, weed can be legalized and not be deemed illegal by police officers. Death Penalty - Players who achieve a bounty of $100k or more, and death penalty is legal by gov. Will be executed in the electric chair room at the prison. Other prisoners are encouraged to see what lurks behind the iron doors. Governor - Governor will be chosen every 7 days, and will have the ability to change laws every 35 minutes. You may also pardon anyone on the server, except yourself. You will have 1 pardon per restart, as before. You will have a respawn marker, vehicle garage, and keys to your governor building. Voting and Candidacy - All players are given 1 vote ticket per election cycle (7 days), and can vote at any major city. To become a candidate for governor, please go to the government buildings in Pyrgos. Boom Box Asylum Subscribers will have the ability to use boom boxes, purchased from any general market. You can choose up to 3 songs, but more with donor 7+. Everyone can hear the music, but only the owner of the boom box can delete, change music, or stop music. Only subscribers can dance near the boom box. Ignition Bomb Players can purchase a new dangerous explosive from rebel. Entering a vehicle and scroll wheeling will allow you to attach a bomb to the ignition. Whomever decides to turn on said car, will result in a fiery explosion! New quests, titles, achievements, and stats Stats: Mental Asylum's Breached, Executed by electric chair, pardoned by gov, kraken vehicles consumed, loot crates opened, giveaway money won, and login bonuses opened. Chair Sitting Players can now sit on any chair/bench in the game. Kraken Waters Near both chop shops, is a suspicious ramp that leads off into the depths of Altis's waters. Fishermen have heard a hungering deep monster lurking in the ocean. Login Bonus Every consecutive day played, you will receive a login bonus crate. You will be notified once you log on if you are eligible for a loot opening. Up 50 days of exclusive items, vehicles, weapons, and more! Open the crate via !loginbonus New emotes Subscribers may now use: risefromdead, stargaze, and sitcuffed. Donor 7+ may now use: tpose, standidle, briefing, and hide. Cellphones Re-added cellphone app and ability to call anyone on the server. You may opt to choose to not receive ANY notifications regarding phone calls in the settings app. (Will automatically decline all incoming calls) You can turn off your ringer for calling and receiving tones via setting app. Prisoners in jail can't send phone calls to any police officers Changed/Tweaked: Improved the dimensions of all phone menus to better fit the new phone that was added a few updates ago. Changed the default button of the "Buy House" prompt to be "Cancel" instead of "Purchase". Firing in/near water with guns other than the SDAR requires more of your body to be below water for you to fire blanks. Changed the pants of the Tan Police Gendarmerie uniform. The price of suicide vests was increased. The price of speed bombs was increased. DPI jumping is no longer possible. The hospital respawn talent now has a confirm menu giving you the option to do a normal respawn instead. Minor network optimizations related to accessing vehicle inventories. Using the redgull hotkey with cocaine on you will prioritize using it first instead of redgull. Federal events can be started while cops are dead. Pressing T while trying to find someone you want to send a text message to will no longer bring up the virtual inventory if you are in/near a vehicle/house. Vehicle purchase notification will state what key unlocks/locks the vehicle. Vehicles should no longer get cleaned up at hourly intervals if no one is nearby (most noticeable at the fungi mine). Default undercover outfit has been updated to be more modern. Decrease chance of getting jury corruption, if you had prominent tag active. You will now know if you had received giveaway money, instead of admin comp via !comp. A vehicle garage has been added to the DP11 gas station. Domination payouts should be correct now Fixed: Vehicles containing a gold bar through restart being uncontrollable. The prison break prompt being able to be accepted after a prison break has ended. Searching vehicles as a cop would not search the content of backpacks in the vehicle's inventory. Attempting to seize the contents of a vehicle with no seizable content inside a HQ would make it unseizable. Vehicle slingload parachutes would sometimes teleport the parachuted vehicle to narnia (not a definite fix). Apex Predator gear stripping would not drop the victim's RPG launcher or rockets. Sidechat occasionally disappearing after death (not a definite fix). Jumping occasionally not working after death. Fugitive pings would sometimes ping another person's location if the fugitive shared name with others. Hotfix #1: - Fixed player names. - Potentially fixed phone calls. - Fixed a script error. - Fixed missing audio for a boom box song. - Fixed release from prison. - Increased the price of RPG rockets. Hotfix #2: - Fixed the name of the executioner in the execute message. - Fixed vehicle seizing. - Possible fix for a phone bug. - Some tax fixes. - Fixed the marker colors for the Mental Asylum.
  6. Looking for any ideas regarding the infamy talent system. Any idea you have (good or bad) place down below. Try to refrain from money buffs. The old rebel bounty system will most likely not be brought back, due to being unpopular. We want things that would make the new rebel talents unique and sought after. Something to grind for (infamy) and earning those talents that make you want to stay as a rebel and benefit you for doing so. Ex: Access to a blood money virtual item shop that has exclusive virtual items only to be purchased by BM.
  7. I don't dev anything regarding myAsylum.
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