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  1. I dabble in everything . What exactly are you asking to be fixed? AFD Medic -> APD Medic? Regardless its a Medic slot for a reason, so not up to me regarding removing requests entirely.
  2. Following up on what I said, its possible for them to not drop at all.
  3. The vanilla one is completely standalone and can't be replaced or modified. So I think the best bet would be having the option to buy the physical one and virtual one. So you can still have the option to buy it, if you choose so.
  4. Wondering of what you guys would like to see differently regarding First Aid Kits. The typical issue with vanilla FAKs, was not being able to cancel the animation and also it being the highest priority in your scroll wheel actions. With a virtual item replacing the physical, you will now have a cancellable animation and progress bar. Also the scroll wheel action would be low priority, so you wont accidently spam it when entering a vehicle.
  5. - Plays Among Us

    - PM Him For 1on1 Among Us Lobby's

    - Head Scripter For Among Us Imposter Kill Scene.

    - GUI/Graphics on Among Us

  6. Dom was never intended to be a giant pool of free money for anyone. It was meant for fights, for the sweatiest of the sweatiest gangs to battle out in cartel environments. You either be on top, or cease to win, just the way of the game. Basically you are craving strife, hopefully it will return one day...
  7. Background processes, overlays, etc all worsen frames. Also make sure you are in windowed fullscreen, that could help somewhat. Possibility of having two gpus could do unwanted things to occur in an 8 year old game.
  8. Replace west rebel with a lighthouse rebel
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