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  1. Added for domination v2, but for the main server not up to me. #DominationForTheNation
  2. #DominationForTheNation
  3. Haven't made an actual hotfix changelog the past couple updates so here we go. Hotfix #5: - Fixed lockpicking chance whilst having gang fortress. - Scroll wheel for plant processing range should be 8 meters across the board. - If you press T or F while the wanted menu is open, you should no longer open up different menus. - Sativa/Indica bud has been nerfed to $800. - Golden Wax has been nerfed to $1,200. - LSD sheets have been nerfed to $1,200. - LSD pills have been nerfed to $790. - LSD will now age by 25 per instead of 50 per. - Weed will now age by 25 per instead of 35 per. - Added the pumpkin Halloween skin to the armed qilin - Dying in a blown up vehicle will now no longer delete/bug your body (thanks arma after 8 years). - You will no longer lose an adrenaline shot, if you had an adrenaline shot used on you. - Jewelry Emporium safe should now be more reliable in cleaning up. - If a medic sends a respond request, you are able to either deny or accept. - Getting killed by an enemy gang member will now be displayed in side chat. - AFD house fires should now properly work (would end way to fast). - You should be able to hack a mental asylum laptop, if you were previously bugged from doing so. - The AFD responder menu will now display how long ago the corpse requested assistance.
  4. You have a 50% chance to ping anywhere regardless every 5 minutes if you have a bounty higher than $1,000
  5. Domination V2 trailer soon...
  6. Hotfix #4: - Crypto mining rate has been doubled - Having the crypto dealer will now significantly increase the amount of crypto you mine - Fixed SWAT start positions (most were broken) - Fixed evidence virtual loot from spawning in - Added a confirmation if you are storing a gang vehicle (to prevent storing it accidentally) - The effects of smoking dab are now increased (and will no longer attach smoke to you, if you use a dab rig) - Added a APD Captain only special heavy vehicle - Electric bills have been removed
  7. forgot to add it back, done for next hotfix
  8. Will be replaced via !payebill
  9. Hotfix #3: - Fixed governor tax not properly adding to account (only broken since this patch) - Made it very very very very very rare for a miner to lose a console (easier to win the lottery than lose a console) - Moved the Jewelry Emporium (also improved information messages associated with it) - Updated the lumberjack quests to work as intended (descriptions are more clear also) - Fixed being randomly kicked - Possibly fixed gang garage pulling failing in some instances - Slightly increased remote explosive distance - Fixes regarding firefighting - Possibly fixed medic payouts for revives (responded and not) - Possibly fixed issues with giving keys to players (rare) - Fixed claiming a gang vehicle not giving you the vehicle - Fixed a oyster seasonal quest not adding - Buffed bitcoin generation rate at the Crypto Dealer - AFD Fires now can be put out with at least 1 firefighter, (1=5 mins, 2=4mins, 3=3mins, 4=2mins, more than 5 is 1 minute) - Fixed seizing a vehicle not properly being deleted in your garage (only broken since this patch)
  10. Having more consoles exponentially increases the amount of coins you earn. 1 console vs 25. As for the breaking consoles, its being addressed to be very very low. Did you expect to get 30 million in 10 minutes of mining?
  11. I was loyal to Nekro, never applied lol. Secrets
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