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****APD Policy Update 1/12/2021****


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  • Oyster gathering has been added and charges shall be added as applicable:

    • Possession of Oysters if suspect has fresh or cooked oysters

    • Possession of Fried Oysters if suspect has fried oysters

  • If a civilian has both fried oysters and cooked/fresh oysters only charge the suspect with Possession of Fried Oysters.


  • Civilians may now purchase and use striders.

  • They are an illegal vehicle and shall be seized.

  • The driver shall be charged with Driving an Illegal Vehicle.


  • If the Shipping Robbery Vehicle has been spawned in for 3 minutes without rebels leaving the designated chop shop red zone any APD Officer may enter the driver seat of the vehicle and attempt to drive it to a safe location where a 1 minute all clear must be observed prior to seizing.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact a Captain. Hope everyone is having a great start to 2021! Oorah!

   - The Captains

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