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  1. Louie

    New Moderators

    Congrats @YuSheng @HomeTrlx @BlackShot Well deserved! You guys growing up so fast!
  2. Thanks for doing your best to keep the server running! Good luck! o7
  3. No action taken. Admins are exempt from the rules.
  4. Louie

    Farewell All

    Was a good run Jesse! Good luck!
  5. Only 20 of those 40 for Rag where level 60. The others were not max. I think I even heard a few of them were 56s?
  6. The most tedious part of classic is the leveling, as far as I can tell a guild killed Rag on the first pull, also noting the game was only out for 5 days when they killed the "Endgame" boss. Endgame seems casual but the leveling is the real grind. I could be wrong though I didn't play classic.
  7. Congrats @Slade Wilson @Nino Brown @Mason
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