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  1. Only 20 of those 40 for Rag where level 60. The others were not max. I think I even heard a few of them were 56s?
  2. The most tedious part of classic is the leveling, as far as I can tell a guild killed Rag on the first pull, also noting the game was only out for 5 days when they killed the "Endgame" boss. Endgame seems casual but the leveling is the real grind. I could be wrong though I didn't play classic.
  3. Congrats @Slade Wilson @Nino Brown @Mason
  4. I'm almost certain that you could have put together a montage of all my hunters being blown up Lol. Rip Hunters.
  5. When you load a mag into the MX Smoke Launcher, it MX gets deleted. Other than that great job devs!
  6. https://plays.tv/video/5bdd68315805673948/rip
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