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  1. Holy shit omg a new patch I am so excited @JIMBO ready for a meth run buddy ???!!! I’ll bring the tac bacon and water so we can stay hydrated
  2. Walt never disappoints good shit buddy!!! #Teamknownontop
  3. Dude is clueless on how life works nothing I said is made up you fucking clown funny how you don’t Denounce all these things things I say you just accept them like the inbred buckteeth hillbilly you are maybe mama wouldn’t have gotten that cancer if she wasn’t smoking so many Newport with you on the way to preschool and instead choose a patch you fucking black eyed pasty freak I am quite enjoying watching you trigger living in that head rent free so easy to get a response out of you keep it coming Sorry I don’t have all day to respond some of us 23 year old have jobs we work at
  4. Proud you have no bitch no income no job no house no car no high school diploma nothing please tell me where any girl with a brain is going to fuck some dude who lives with his parents who are on welfare paints his finger nails black and makes cringe Snapchat’s and tik toks for attention pleaseeeeeeeeeee I need to see how you think you are doing better then anyone in life and how what you said makes any sense you dense emo fucking freak what is mom paying for your dates to theme parks and the movies to ?
  5. Damn proud you got me oh man oh man I’m so hurt I am going go home from my career to my house that I own in my king size bed I sleep in and cry about how some anorexic autistic lanky inbred creature hurt my feelings on an eight year old just remember your mom is lifting the stomach of every 300lb sweaty man to find his dick just to suck his dick to make sure you can get chicken nuggets for dinner just remember “creatures raise other creatures” and it shows to bad you have nothing else to show for besides the after taste of your brother load he dumped in your throat and a 1 bedroom apartment that smells like Newport’s weed and cat piss my parents are on there way to retirement yours will work till there dead Keep looking for that internet respect NIGGUH again drop your fucking nuts you fucking fairy fuck
  6. Yeah to bad your parents are divorced I’m sure they told you it wasn’t your fault don’t think I haven’t seen your snaps you fucking loner you don’t have a life you mad social anxiety having bitch you don’t get off this game with your 120hrs in the past 2 weeks maybe your parents wouldn't have spilt if there sons weren’t blowing each other like inbred creatures again why are you coming at someone when you sound like a telly tubby live with your parent and have no job or life maybe focus on fixing that instead of taking about your mom and blowing every thing that walks do everyone a favor and OD on the anti depressants you take you fucking clown I know tying a rope is hard for someone with autism
  7. Proud would first need to get off his brothers cock and then climb his way out of his moms one bedroom apartment where she’s sucking every dick she can so she can pay y’all’s rent on time the only thing proud has seen is his brother balls deep in throat talk about a Real inbred creature the only time he’s spending with family is when there all fucking each other or painting each other’s nails black yet another anorexic retard who needs to touch grass and get a life ALSO Drop your fucking nuts and stop sounding like a complete fucking fairy when you talk you absolute fucking creature
  8. You have 0 wealth you autistic fucking mook no one is scared of your Internet ego you sound like just like this proud retard saying your going show up to someone’s house sounds like I really am really worried about some bum ass lengthy anorexic retard with 4 teeth in his whole mouth talking shit over the internet get a life you fucking clown the only income in your home is welfare checks get some help you fucking cringer
  9. You are a buck teeth inbred werido living at home making sound cloud beats in your parents basement making 0 you are a bum going no where your mom is sucking dick and your dad is getting plowed to make rent payments every month to keep your internet and power going couple more dicks and she might be able to afford you McDonald’s
  10. #SkengingSkogDogs @JIMBOis Unknown arma Coach making sure we are hydrated and have correct posture for maximum gaming efficiency
  11. Not really Ethan but go off your as cringe as proud. making emo sound cloud beats to listen to while you cut your wrist and paint your finger nails black i definitely know you haven’t seen the outside of your parents house I sure hope you are doing okay I can see those beats have really taken off and excelled you in life
  13. @Innate from the kavala massacre to moderator congratulations sir
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