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  1. Name one thing you have ever accomplished in your life besides still living in your parents house lol they are begging for the day you OD on those antidepressants you are taking you fucking loser take your moms mini van out an crash into a fucking pole and please make sure you go through the front windshield
  2. Yeah change this cringe Dogshit cap no one wanted this cap to began with
  3. Legs don’t work but them hands do SHESHHHHHH!!!
  4. I can hear the two by fours he has for teeth just clacking as he talks
  5. What happen to you boys your getting ban on Koth for cheating and our pocket admin is using esp to kill people on domination smh you guys turned into such misfits!! ITS BREAKING MY HEART
  6. You boys aren’t safe anymore no more PayPal unbans even though when it was me Unbans were free for the homies
  7. Moderator Ethan Darrell The Trilogy?
  8. go back to jerking off in your dads dirty underwear and sniffing your mom‘s panties you fucking freak an while your at it go your parents medicine cabinet find all the anti-depressants you have take the bottle shove em all down your mouth then find a nice spot in your closet with a rope and legit hang there till you stop breathing You autistic heathen so Your parents can actually be happy with their lives
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