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  1. Coming from a legit sandbag bot that is grand you boys are freaks
  2. Ceo of Dogshit with a cheater who you Edgelords quite literally sucked off and honestly just baited for like the good Sandbags you were.
  3. So much for being able to be penetrated by a 50 cal...
  4. I am all for something like this what do you think about gaining blood money for killing anyone in areas such as below free fire, drug peninsula, or certain federal event against cops and maybe even red turfs without being at war ? This is suggestion I wanted to here some opinions on
  5. +1 undercover leader in unknown also loves warm milk He’s also Instagram model and TikTok Star And a Turkish entrepreneur inspiring to be a physical therapist
  6. I think you are applying for the wrong gang but +1 this guy May have no legs but he makes up for it in his hands and fingers Also GL
  7. Why do I have to be the last clip in your last montage o7 buddy
  8. You buy the digital camo first then while it’s in your garage you can edit the skin in mods if you have the coast guard skin
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