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  1. LAME.... no more 20k prestige
  2. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Industrial Shed Size (220k) Location (Town/DP#): Edessa Asking Price: Offer me Description: Close Shed to donor rebel can pull cars and be there in no time Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  3. You are a beautiful man. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk 

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    2. Ethan Darrell

      Ethan Darrell

      chow found his knee pads when he was a Sgt 

    3. Chow Mein

      Chow Mein

      Ya don’t need knee pads when you’re not brain dead, however I’ll send you some links later for industrial pads I heard Romney uses.

    4. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      @Chow Mein youre the most braindead higherup there is

  4. People have to be prone to change if you ask me but I think this a great opportunity to see where the new bank meta will go while also promoting a pretty positive change on how cops and rebels fight with the changes and allows both sides to think of new ideas and strategies by cops finding a new way to push bank and for rebels a new way to take out cops and secure the money. Great work @Jbdragon
  5. PowerPuff Political uprising they want the bounty hunter Justice. Polls are kinda surprising. some of what is said makes sense to a degree But the bug for BH number one needs to be fixed. I find cops using it for a reason to stop people or like @Lucien said giving people pings in skip when its not necessary there fault I can agree being caught by a BH is one of the most annoying things but at least help that faction by fixing the bugs in it so no one will get fucked over by it i for one would vote to end these monster but sadly it wont happen and people enjoy doing it so might as well hear out some ideas.
  6. Ethan Darrell

    Leady wtf?

    Apples!!!!!! what about the 4000 apples in my shed @Slade Wilson put in there i want him banned @Leady all the work to get them out !!!
  7. Congrats @Sky and @Master27411
  9. Good luck Jesse best of luck in Everything you do.
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