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  1. Hey i am Blacklisted idk what it could be for but id love for you take a look at it an get back with me 😃

    1. Ethan Darrell

      Ethan Darrell

      Oh also i got permed by some tractor driving boomer might need to get that sorted first! 

  2. @Roice Send them the top 5 games played this year and send em on there way!
  3. Best Part of this Extra was @bigjohn561 Tears in my eyes such a voice!
  4. Still a Lovley tage but who bumps there own montage
  5. Please man you cant even say that these cops couldn’t take it when they get to upset when someone tells them to kill them selves new generation arma players are actual pussy they legit have social anxiety an can’t handle any confrontation of any kind an those are the people you are in leadership roles when Durga was captain there was no reason why people didn’t push and fight till the event was over or everyone was dead I could give less of a fuck about a APC or tank or whatever the fuck you call it but the current state of the APD is a bunch of brain dead higher ups pushing with hatchbacks and suvs when they have the ability to push with a ifirt or hunter or strider and choose not to ultimately leading to every defeat.
  6. I am sensing divorced parents braces buck teeth and drooling coming from this one
  7. You’re a dog shit retard do everyone a favor and crash into a fucking wall and burn in a car crash shoutout @Bera for pushing
  8. Bro I watched a admin almost ban because you have werid obsession with children and porn you are in fact the biggest freak show of them all FIND HELP
  9. Who cares they still fucking suck regardless more vehicles to shed and blow up all. The APD is a Orgy of clueless autistic pedophiles jerking each off thinking they are hard because they have some internet rank but in all reality are basements dwelling losers who are covered in ache from head to toe and and never seen outside before and probably suffer from social anxiety and have to be sheltered by there parents but when you confront these pedophile pansies they report for harassment because words are mean…. THIS A COPY AND PASTE FROM ANOTHER POST OF MINE
  10. You are autistic drooling monkey your parents should be beat to death with a bat for even giving birth to you lol your chatting shit on a 8 year old forum go the fuck outside and move out of your parents house you fucking loser or even better how about becoming the next suicide statistic by a handgun
  11. Bro you are absolutely dog shit you lispy little faggot
  12. Listen I know it’s tuff having fucked up teeth and having divorced parents just remember it’s your fault they aren’t together you inbred drooling freak
  13. I love when you call people wanna be esport players to take try and take away from the fact that you are absolutely dog shit then when you get shit on you rage quit off like a toddler and Claim that people are cheating because your fragile ego takes a hit pease stfu your braces are obviously wired to tight you inbred freak and it’s causing you to droll and spit when you talk you lispy little virgin no wonder you only live with one of your parent The other one was smart and bolted before your autism got to bad
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