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Large LSD Compound [BUNDLE]

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This isn't a normal real estate listing, take the time to read this post thoroughly and please reach out if you have any questions. 


The LSD Compound: 

-Two, 3c Long Houses with LEAD Containers - 50 sheets per restart (Market value $1,000,000)

-One, 1c house for 25 more sheets per restart (Currently available on the open market if you wish to expand)


Strategic Overview:

Pill production: 

I recommend hiring rats; they will gladly AFK gather Fungi and process pills for $50-100k/hour.

If you prefer to do it solo, here are some times I've recorded for an upgraded Van run without Drug Cartel:


(Best practice is to fly to Agios garage and pull a van there, hence the Agios to fungi time) 

Sale Strategy: 

Turf Drug Dealer Distances (dealer takes fee if turf is not owned) 

  • Zaros:        8.4 km 
  • Rodopoli:   12.6 km
  • Panagia:    18 km 

My gang always owns Panagia. Which makes it a very desirable sale location. I Safely Land in the compound, load up, and fly out. It's an easy 350k (w/o bust bonus) per 18km trip. Disclaimer: Not recommended for rookie pilots. Also do not sell to city drug dealers!


Included with the purchase:

  • Two fully upgraded 3c (w/lead container).
  • One optional 1c to increase production per restart.
  • Expert assistance from yours truly.
    • On your request, I'll demonstrate the process and thoroughly explain everything I know about this compound.
    • I will help you sell in the safety of our turf drug dealers. (Three times for free, the rest will include a small safety fee)
  • Couple miscellaneous loadouts 
  • 5 MK-1s for defense 


Asking price:

$4,000,000 for the entire compound. I am selling the convenience of an easy passive income machine, not just the houses. I am willing to negotiate/trade. I am currently looking for end-game meth houses!

Note: This is a bundle, do not send offers for a singular home. 


Feel free to DM, post below, or reach out on Discord: MileHighBarkin#3818 

Thank you for your interest. 


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