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  1. Price Drop! 2c Abdera Listed for $1,250,000. $969,000 Forums price: $969,000 $750,000 (If you contact me on here) Only 600 meters away from spirit distillery. This is a great additional aging house for established brewers and a perfect house for those just getting started. House comes with no upgrades.
  2. @Rastislav Andreyavich Hey man, are you going to be on soon? I would like to list the house for you ASAP. I gotta get off for a few hours soon.
  3. Holy fuck, what a shit show this thread was. I'm just trying to sell a house y'all. Yes, I'll list it for $2,000,000. Just let me know what time you want me to reduce the price so somebody else doesn't snag it from you. I'll be on pretty much all day today until 12am EST.
  4. yea the 45% discount wasn't enough for this retard lmao
  5. or you can shut the fuck up and the devs can add it to the rebel market so I don't have to visit the peasantry in towns.
  6. Add skinning knifes to rebel market; we want to harvest the people we execute.
  7. The storage is maxed out (3000units) and there is nothing in the inventory.
  8. $1,669,699 is the best price I can do for you. Offer stands for 24 hours.
  9. Which ones are colored titles? I know Caged is in red text, but what else?
  10. SOLD 3c DP21 Listed for $2,969,000 | Forums price: $1,969,000 (if you contact me on here) 3km from Meth lab. Bundled with the 2c, you can have a 5c meth operation for the low bundle price of $2,690,000. That's $1,529,000 saved! [36% off] (Reach out to me for this offer) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MAJOR Price Drop! 2c DP21 Listed for $969,,000 $669,000| Forums price: $669,000 $500,000 (if you contact me on here) 3km from Meth Lab.
  11. Why are empty gas canisters even a thing? They literally serve no purpose other than being a nuisance after refueling vehicles. Just make them despawn after use. Knowing slick, he'll say some dumb shit like "empty fuel cans generate roleplay"
  12. SOLD 1c Kavala rebel spawn house 350m. Great for gangs: Grab your loadouts and fly out. You can full-stamina run all the way from the home to rebel. Then you can go ratting in Kavala. Listed for 1.69m. But Selling for 1m for anybody who reaches out on the forums. Also accepting offers.
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