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  1. Real offer: $2,500,000 I would to like to place the property on hold for negotiation.
  2. I got two DP21 homes for sale, both are listed for a mil. They're both 3 craters, both are next to each other, and comes with an included attached ATM on the southern-most house. Less than 3km with a road straight into meth. These homes made me a lot of money, enjoy!
  3. You have to be good to get in this gang, bot hahahaha nice try tho, go join a gang more your level... like asphyxiate
  4. Imma need that song name ASAP link me your underground peep playlist right fucking now!
  5. Hey y'all I'm looking for an affordable house in Athira (any size) Post your house and I'll respond with an offer (based on what it's worth to me).
  6. Wow Bherky! Amazing clips! How are you so good! WTF! I wish I was as good as you! Wow! [Sponsored message, paid for by V | bherky ]
  7. That's rich coming from you, yikes. I was there for nearly two months and the only time you left your room was to eat and shit
  8. Thank god, evidence was broken as hell. Also, I tried the "send to jail in 1 minute" thing you guys implemented and it did not work. I didn't even have the option.
  9. Oh wow, this rat gang is worse than I thought lmao
  10. I think you retards broke the metal plates in the prison with this patch. Hot fix when?
  11. Dude, nobody asked for variable earplugs, I don't want to toggle between three volumes, give us an option to disable this trash.
  12. Federal Events fuckin suck, I just want to be a patrol officer. Nerf them, or place a timer on them. (One raid per restart, per federal location)
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