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  1. heidelberg creates pron with mom and cat x he showed me allah just pinged me on discord and gave me verification that it is in deed kosher x
  2. @Heidelberg loves pron ! ! !
  3. u can not tell me u have real life friends when u have an arma private story and lip sync on it
  4. rip bbnb was epic whilst it lasted ! ! ! ! ! miss my gypsy friend x
  5. such a GAYmer, free up my jigga he dun nufin ron tha pen got him fricked up!
  6. Anvil Industries was established in London, UK and has been providing security contracting to country's all over the globe. Hiring and Training its members to protect and serve its clientele to a very high standard. Anvil Industries PMC Operator's are recruited by a local gang located in the city of Sofia. They are at war with another rival gang and have hired professional killers to help reclaim their territory & prevent the enemy from harassing local Sofia civilians.
  7. Allah answered my prayers last night, I shall voyage to Mecca on my horse to see the Kaaba. Mashallah he promised me names of the scum who has stripped me of this right, Once the intel is received, it shall be shared Alhamdulillah he or she will be begging for mercy.
  8. my human rights have been taken from me. astaghfirullah may you rain hell on whom did this.
  9. that kid right at the end is a frickin freak, he deserves a ban and a mute cos he is a cock. huge dick move, admins please fix this wanker
  10. literally this kid is braindead
  11. i think that is quite racially selective due to the fact I am albino.
  12. also it was never a rumour if it was true, I have the evidence in this folder on my folder in my computer desktop user / appdata / roaming / .minecraft so if you need it just ask and ill pull it up, Both were true especially the second maybe the first im not sure right now. But i have it in 720p or 1080p its up to you.
  13. Ok kind sir, but you are going to have to speak to my lawyer @Squanchy. He is an upcoming rapper, moderator, admin, owner, developer, community manager, leader, and just all round great guy. He can talk to you about how this lawsuit is going to go down and how the demise of @Vortex is imminent and you will be next too if you continue to represent him and his treacherous actions. I feel like my IQ is lowering everytime I hear ur stupid little voice because quite frankly im sick of the thought of you and what you represent it makes me feel ill. You are putting ur life earnings into a house and kids where honestly Vortex hasnt deserved because he has lied through the skin of his teeth and you understand and know that but chose not to take action upon it. THIS IS WHY ALONECOPILOT IS NUMBER ONE AND ALWAYS Will be. I feel physically sick just writing this response and i dont deserve to go through this any more. This thread needed to be made, and my comment was one that always had to be said out of the good of the people in asylum. and youre laughing at me? I cant believe this, I really cant. Wait till @Squanchygets on ur ass, and sues this living hell out of u
  14. y cant vortex speak for himself does he not have his own voice?!?!?!?!?! im sorry my intel was incorrect for the first one, so he was associated with hacks, but then he removed the link. I guess that does make sense if I was racist in the discord and i remove the comment i am no longer racist. I will keep that in mind. But everything in the second comment was caught in 4K, he does condone of selling money, respect everyone gotta make their bread fr ! ! i dont like eating spit balls, only if they come from Jarvo's mum #NotMyModerator, #NotMyMayhem who is this imposter so sussy to think i wanted mayhem as CM, props to alonecopilot he is doing a unknown job !! ? ¬ Cracka
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