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  1. no, should come as part of the parcel. swear if u press suicide u cant get hospital
  2. hello ashton, you may or may not have noticed but i am not the one interested in buying the shed, so please stop addressing me like i am, thanks x
  3. ify man, i f0rget to clip half of the good shit, prolly doesnt help i have almost a terrabyte of clips of me bullying @Free Stratis u should try lowering, then u have control over ur aim. if u really cant stand low sensitivity, i would slowly drop it day by day by maybe .1/.2 . you wont notice much difference but itll add up for sure.
  4. devils marionette, whyos member used to own it. hes owned it for as long as i remember his name was BetaCuck pretty sure. he owned the one in the circle. dk if hed ever sell tho
  5. ChipotleGoatedOnTheSticks PS4GamerChipotle ScuFGaming__Chipotle jokinjg sir, do u play very high sensitivity or something because u hardly move and its very flicky, u should try go for better clips like multikills maybe at cartels or in domination.
  6. jarvo ur my friend and all, but u have missed the point. i will tell you the message he implied how can this be moderated, yes you say it is intended for buying houses, but a lot of people will use it for other reasons. there is almost no way of stopping that. for only way u could stop it tbf it by making an offer system so only numbers can be typed. ur idea isnt as simple addition as you make it out to be. there is a reason this isnt already in the server. The one per restart thing is stupid because you could get your whole gang to leave a message at this one kids house every restar
  7. idk what i’m watching honestly, literally clipped trades after spraying 50+ bullets and left about 10 seconds before and after the kill. thank god the members of asylum can watch you press respawn did u clip killing someone at rebel at 5:17 or am tripping
  8. it is what it is this whole thread got people talking, talking about the new chinese gangs who dont speak english and have been rdming, other people have said they have been in the same situation also arose the issue about some discrepancies with admins and how some may ban for something and others might not nothing is that deep
  9. ? Nathan, u put the gay in gaymer fanboy keep replying
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