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  1. large bounties dont have the opportunity to be saved, ie sui vest, speed bomb, attack on PD, as they can just send straight the jail ! ! !!! they got upset cos they were just being stalled when processing so they could be saved and would end up with 0 dollas! which is crazy cos the amount of money u make off cop pre menace to society was still high. or even if u dont think it was, most of the people are losing free or cheap kits, whereas rebels are using millions. u all need to realise the only content asylum really has is PvP, enhance civ life for pvp as it used to be: FED Events, Sui Vests, more guns, more armour. Gangs will fight them, other gangs will counter them. There will be stuff to do, and what you also dont realise is that the small population that want to roleplay in cities and do runs, they arent affected really by anyone as the fed events dont really cross. People who play Civ to PVP will also try to play Cop for the PVP so u wont get rolled every FED.
  2. this guy sent me a heinous video of him robbing a homeless person with a fake firearm.. he also stole the man’s wheelchair 

  3. When will these devs realise arma 3 is a dead game, fixing economy fixes zero issues. will only drive players away by making people waste all their money. Let people have fun with the money they earned instead of making it aids and players will actually spend their time on the server
  4. makes more sense, i had the biggest issue with the first song.
  5. apd talent point meeting
  6. the core of the current community is pvp and has been for years
  7. does this mean im unblacklisted!?!?!?!?!?!?
  8. not everyone who has a cl bag is a combat logger. some peoples game crashes. punishing ppl for no reason just to aid you fix a small issue in kavala. not gunna happen kitten
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