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  1. dont appreciate u using me in ur clips, didnt give consent
  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL THIS IS RUCKUS RAPIDKILLZ, this mf sells 3c's in dp15 for 3 million and adds 4 rpgs to the house and it goes down to 1.8 million
  3. vouch for @abdul karim azeem, great player, knows hot to fight cartels. very mature has a very nice mic. he is also multilingual can speak arabic english chinese french german russian swedish and latin , so fun for all races and all colours. also doesnt have an ego barely ever types in side chat such a lovely boy, his favourite swear words are bollogs shid and fog. allies with all players on the server and isnt a bounty hunting great gamer like some of the other guys. great roleplayer loves a good ol roleplay with the cops especially when they are sucking some fat juicy donuts XDD
  4. guys can i be mod, ive proven myself worthy "Abdul Karim Azeem will love to see this" rolls off the tongue
  5. looking for any good rat houses in pyrgos 3c, idc if they in the middle or on the outskirts gimme them shits. will be open to athira offers also looking for a gang like H rasta who has an admin that can tell me when the houses pop, not asking for a lot here.
  6. speak  english please, english server

  7. honestly factuals, life sucks when u have more than 1 house that are identical and u gotta click each one to find out which is which
  8. good idea, please give me 100k for being the first like
  9. i have this one south of kavala if u wanna buy hmu on discord wearhousesRus#4200
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