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  1. +1 This is a great suggestion! I hope it goes somewhere. Love the idea with the island Wongs! Sling loading an ifrit full of guys into a combat zone sounds like a fun and unique way to push a cartel
  2. SOLD Athira Gun Store 3c For Sale Best offer I've received so far is 8m. Feel free to bid higher if you want the house.
  3. Ay bruh, lets switch back to the shitty in-game audio. I can't stand this new HD podcast audio. It's so weird hearing everybody's ultra high definition voice! I'm losing my mind!
  4. Do you really wanna drive that slow ass thing around? I can't really see this being practical. Can you explain how the entire process would work efficiently?
  5. Or you could order whatever you need from me! Message me on discord to place an order:
  6. Why should I be forced to play this dogshit game 10 hours a month? I sometimes take 3-9 month breaks from this server. I only come back because I'm rich and got nice houses full of shit.
  7. When I come back from my 6-12 month breaks, I only do so because I have a shit-ton of money. I grinded all this money so I could enjoy my retirement. Without my retirement funds, I would never return.
  8. ATTENTION: Seeking the location of the Drunk Squad Ganghouse. Presumed Location: 500-750m Vicinity from Pyrgos Rebel BOUNTY AMOUNT: $1,000,000 COLLECTED
  9. I got a 2c in DP21 if you're interested. You can have it for a great price. Just hmu
  10. Can we get a sand mine by the salt mine? Sorta makes sense to have something like that there. Just an idea for the crafters. Also, it's kinda a new way to make money for new players. Selling glass to commodities. Possible locations:
  11. @Patato Shipwrecks are broken btw. None spawned last restart. Plus some wrecks have cases spawning inside the hull. Also, please buff them back again 🙂
  12. so in other words, you're just a lazy rat. got it, thanks
  13. I can't fucking believe this. Bring back my damn crafting quests. I'm tryna run a damn business here
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