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  1. WTS Lakka Checkpoint Shed Ground View Map View ~500m from Lakka Checkpoint ~800m from Hydrogen Sulfate Mine(SW) ~999m from Coke Field ~1km from Mineral Processing ~1km from Low Yield ~1.1km from Boat Shop ~1.7km from Wong Cartel ~1.8km from Air Shop Offers below
  2. I bought this for market price gamer
  3. [WTS] South DP15 Meth Shed Map View Ground View ~~~ ~1.5km from Meth lab ~1.5km from Heroin Field 1.5km from Nuclear Power Plant ~750m from Black Market Production ~400m from DP15 Offers below
  4. that's the dumbest shit i've ever seen
  5. Denied. You're better off vouching for yourself rather than using our retarded, degenerate "friend" vidi emma. How you came up with this idea is beyond me. Sir, this is a Wendy's. denied
  6. [WTS] Kavala Air Shop Industrial Shed Great for spawning, driving over to airshop to fly off and do whatever. Bounty hunting, mining, excavating, etc. Perfect shed to do anything near or around Kavala. ~300m from Airshop ~900m from Weed Pro ~1.5km from Medium Yield Offers below
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