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  1. i'm upset I can't make comments on clints profile

  2. Give farmer Steve cop back, he doesn’t break rules. Big brain.

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    2. Farmer Steve

      Farmer Steve

      Stupid phone calls?

    3. Clint Beastwood

      Clint Beastwood

      You both know what i mean. 😎

    4. Bag Of Funyuns

      Bag Of Funyuns

      Farmer Steve would never do that. @Xehons

  3. HaVe YoU tRiEd TuRnInG it On AnD oFF?
  4. Bazzajack is as useful as Nino Brown

  5. Louie is as useless as every other dick riding LT

  6. Current bid for Kavala HQ house: $500,000 @Smurfy @maxsa @AxHa ~ Bag Of Funyuns
  7. Half the cops on this island is an LT

  8. All they'd do with that is RDM more people.
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