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  1. According to me nobody gives a fuck
  2. Gotta be the weirdest ban I’ve ever seen. God forbid someone speak the truth
  3. deflation n shi. I'll buy it for 1mil.
  4. Idk man I figure a sand mine would make more sense on a beach or sum shit, maybe idk
  5. [WTS] Fed Shed Map View: Ground View: ==== ~400 meters from Anthrakia(ATM) ~800 meters from Federal Reserve ~1.3km from Rodopoli ~1.4km from Chop Shop ~1.8km from Air HQ ~2km from Skiptracer === Offers below, no faggotry. No queers in my DMs either.
  6. This is obviously a farmersville application. But we don’t accept ni
  7. bump. Looking for high net worth individuals!!! And accepting all blonde hair, blue eyed, straight white males!!! Just put @pan friedas a voucher!!! Apply today!!11!!!1 Alles Gute my niggas!11!!1!!
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