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  1. [WTS] ---- ~13m from Kavala Drug dealer ~~~~ *Extremely clear view of drug dealer from inside the house* *Cuts out the process of driving to collect the shit you're selling* *very fun to camp* ~~~~~ Offers below
  2. There is initiation range and it’s like 2.5km(not 100% on the distance) it is loosely enforced though. And why are people complaining now? This has been this way for years now.
  3. Can't that just be fixed? Kind of like how the P07 was with suppressors? Either way, not really a fan of the suggestion.
  4. How is balancing things hurting new players?
  5. Here’s a solution to your money problem Mitchell @Mitch (IFRIT)
  6. wow, why would we nerf weed? I like watching the devs wonder why there's a money problem 8==D
  7. This would be a good idea if it’s not already like this.
  8. Not sure how you missed my point. People are interacting with the drug dealer when processing their drugs, but they’re technically not in interaction distance. But otherwise, thanks for stating the obvious, your work here is very appreciated mr virtual police force lieutenant baggies o7.
  9. Good job mr virtual police lieutenant bilbo swaggins sir. He's talking about the more confusing kavala drug dealer, or any drug dealer now for that matter. You can process from a distance that spans farther than what's considered interaction distance which makes it a little confusing.
  10. This is worse than before lol. I don't understand why you guys even added this in the first place. Nothing happens after not paying your bills except that you can't use the house, so what? The people this update was probably intended for, it won't hurt them at all. If you guys want more houses to be listed to market this was in all honestly a shitty way of going about it. Why not instead go after the people that have <10 hours each month for the past year and wipe those guys? It would make no sense to let them keep their houses after that long.
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