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****APD Policy Update 4/5/2022****

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Two Minute Procedure:
Officers will now have the ability to send a suspect to jail at any location when the two minute server restart mark hits.

Any suspect in custody within two minutes to server restart must be given their ticket. If they refuse to pay the ticket or the one minute restart notification appears, they must be sent to jail.

*Note* Higher up requests are not granted during this time. Officers are still expected to inform a higherup they had a request, but it does not stop processing.
Cadet Tethering:
Cadets must put the name of their Constable in parentheses after their name. This is to prevent confusion about who a cadet is patrolling with.

Ex. k87kVqS.png
Constable Playtime Requirement:
Constables must play at least 10 hours in any rolling 90 day time period. Any Constable found to have not done so will be subject to removal from the APD.
As oysters are now legal, Possession of Oysters and Possession of Fried Oysters have been removed.
For clarifications purposes the two following charges have been renamed:
Possession of Concentrated Cannabis is now called Possession of Golden Wax
Possession of Marijuana is now Possession of Reggie Weed

If you have any questions feel free to contact a Captain.

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