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  1. Damn I haven't seen a good launch like that in a long time!
  2. The situation being referenced was not actually an LT who said it. It was DarkKnight who did it. As I understand it, he did it because all of your partners in crime had been captured at that point. As Chow already said, Captains are not required to follow the guidebook, but are generally expected to have a reason for why they are not doing so. If you want to discuss this more, I would recommend speaking with Dark directly.
  3. haha glad I wasn't the only one who screen shotted it!
  4. Thank you for the years of dedication you have given this community. I know it hasn't always been the easiest on and off screen, but even though many may not say it, we all appreciate the work you have done. I hope you you don't completely vanish into the retirement home!
  5. I personally support the idea of lethals not clearing bounties and cops not getting paid. This is however, the long term solution. I do have a short term one. If officers and abusing lethals file a report here. Please continue to read prior to complaining that all reports are no action taken. If officers are lethaling as soon as they get on scene you need to show that is what happened. Show video prior to cops arriving on scene and the first thing they do is lethal someone. While there could be a valid reason (you just went from a bank to a prison and they know how many of you there are) this is what we need to see to understand what is going on. Simply telling us "they lethaled two people, you can see it in chat" is not enough evidence. For all I know those people were in unreachable locations. This evidence requirement is not meant as a slight against the reporter. In fact the requirement is the same for all members of the community regardless of their status with the exception of senior APD staff. Even then we need to have video for certain violations. For minor infractions of the guidebook the higher up witnessed without video, they are required to write a detailed account of what happened. We understand there are people in the APD who do not follow the guidebook, but we need sufficient evidence of these situations issue disciplinary action.
  6. I am not a developer, but this seems like it would be annoying (if even possible) and possibly lag inducing to code. It is not like cops or medic where they are classed as a different side (side east, north, ect.). Because of this they would have to check what license you have within that radius and then disable your ability (again if even possible). Personally I think that might be more work on the devs part than it is worth. I understand you are frustrated with the situation, but I would rather see the devs work on new content everyone can enjoy than a change like this.
  7. bbgreg17

    Farewell All

    Thank you for all the time and dedication you have put into the server. I know the developer title can sometimes be a thankless one, but know that there are always those in the community who appreciated the hard work and effort you and the others on the dev team have put in and continue to put in.
  8. Ifrits are now always fueled when pulled from the garage but require uranium to craft. (totally random idea) I like the idea of diversifying the crafting in general! +1
  9. If you feel someone has violated the rules report them here.
  10. Clearly this woukd be a cop buff. Therefore I am 100% for it!!!!
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