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  1. Oooo I think this patch modified the Spar16s to shoot out points for LTs also!
  2. You used to be able to before V2. Not sure if it wasn't implemented back in or what. It didn't take an admin, I think you just paid a fee if I remember correctly. I only did it once a long ass time ago so....
  3. What?? I don't own any of those? My Athira houses are further away from town than those. In much better positions for what they were used as, scotch houses.
  4. Shall we get some transparency on what @Patato is talking about? My basic loadout that I generally run is 6.5k. I am not good at combat. I will die multiple times during most federal events and semi often during normal shootouts. Now granted some of the time I die, I get revived and only have to pay 3.5k. The rest of the time it is the full 6.5 of course. @Patato was not actually joking when he said he has cost me over a million. He would only have to kill me 154 times in order to do that (with a full gear up every time). On an average week he will kill me probably 4-8 times. Now if we assume 4 times a week, it would only take 38.5 weeks. As already stated we have been playing together for years (granted he didn't used to crash so many damn helos....). I did the math a little while ago and figured out that on an average week of cop I will make 50k. Keep in mind this is before accounting for the loss of any helos or armored vehicles. I also generally average out to playing about an hour a day. Of course there are weeks when I make more, and weeks when I make less. Sometimes there are weeks when we end up with a few good busts of coke, meth or uranium and it ends up being a lot more. It is always dependent on what people are doing though. There is no for sure possibility of a payout for cops. If we look at how much can be made playing civ for one hour ever day I would guess it to probably be more around 100k. That would be having 2, 3 barrel scotch houses and just doing one run per house in a day. In short it should be easy for you in one day to make what takes me 2 weeks to make. Are cop loadouts OP? I don't think 95% of officers would really know! We are all to busy gearing up and getting our real loadout.
  5. Watch it, his rank is still more relevant than yours!
  6. As far as I am aware, the only way to "fix" this bug is to add custom code to each garage so that each garage has a custom spawn point. It is not something that can be done generically like just spawn it 5 meters in front of garage because not every garage has the same terrain/buildings in front of it. This was the reason given for it not being done in the past. Times change, we have new developers who are more knowledgeable so maybe it is a possibility now, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  7. Was all @Max Shorefield's idea. I was processing in Athira and came in just as they were all taking off from HQ...
  8. I agree something in that part of the map would be fantastic. But.... Playing devil's advocate here... would people be willing to travel to that part of the map for a fight? How often was the wongs cartel north of drug runner 1 faught? (Not sure if this is still a location or not cause I never pay attention to it!) When we had rotating drug fields people were unhappy with the meth location up north.
  9. Damn I haven't seen a good launch like that in a long time!
  10. The situation being referenced was not actually an LT who said it. It was DarkKnight who did it. As I understand it, he did it because all of your partners in crime had been captured at that point. As Chow already said, Captains are not required to follow the guidebook, but are generally expected to have a reason for why they are not doing so. If you want to discuss this more, I would recommend speaking with Dark directly.
  11. haha glad I wasn't the only one who screen shotted it!
  12. Thank you for the years of dedication you have given this community. I know it hasn't always been the easiest on and off screen, but even though many may not say it, we all appreciate the work you have done. I hope you you don't completely vanish into the retirement home!
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