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  1. LOL When did we make the bet 3 days ago? 4? Anyway, grats you two!
  2. If this was earlier today... I was not the SGT+ who said they were going to conduct the TBC. I didn't know there was a TBC organized until after the bank popped. I said I was going to the bank, I never said the TBC could not happen. (If officers are engaged in something prior to a federal event popping they are allowed to finish that engagement). I am not entirely sure where you are coming from in thinking this was me? If someone told you it was, I am sorry, but you were misinformed.
  3. Officers are expected to use reasonable judgement when conducting themselves while on duty. This is one of those situations. Unfortunately I can not tell you all situations that would be reasonable and not reasonable. If you want to ask me questions about it feel free to find me in TS at any time!
  4. Spamming 9 spikes on top of each other is clearly improper use. If the APD is given items to use against rebels they are expected to use them reasonably. If we are unable to do so they will (rightfully so) be taken away from us. How many you are allowed to use? I personally carry 2 at all times. The only time I use both is to either spike fed gates (one per gate) or evidence gates (again one per gate), to spike the entire MSR as one is just short of being long enough or in a vehicle pursuit and the first set fails. If you see an officer placing 9 spikes down in a single spot that is not their intended use. Improper use of APD equipment.
  5. There should be a fix for idiot cops spamming spikes strips coming soon. Also if you manage to catch video an officer spamming spikes, please file an IA.
  6. Never seen a situation where it was
  7. Actually getting roleplay when kidnapped as an officer is extremely rare. Most of the time you have some kid screaming "Drop your gear!!!" or "You aren't valuing your life, I am going to report you and you will be removed!!!!!". The other thing you see is someone mic spamming. Ether them screeching, eating or playing ram ranch or some other shit. Roleplay like @Bread talked about earlier in this thread is extremely rare. The other thing you need to keep in mind if you do actually roleplay, a single officer isn't usually going to keep dropping gear for you if you kidnap them often. If you want cop gear, kidnap an officer and ask for a single piece of their gear. Don't go for the entire loadout. You are more likely to be ignored if you are trying to get everything from a cop. Go for just the gun or vest or clothes. If you have good roleplay and are not demanding everything (and your roleplay is matching why you need the item) an officer is much more likely to give up their gear.
  8. Hatchbacks, offroads, SUVs, Vans, and Orcas are all basically the same price. Hummingbirds and prowlers are a little bit cheaper. Hunter is cheaper (but total shit against rebels who have 7.62), Strider is cheaper than the iFrit (again total shit compared to it, but we will get to that later), and I think I have covered most of the cop vehicles. Yes it is fantastic getting 20% of your bounty which will then be split within 2km of you. I am sure that 20k split 10 ways (2k each) for your 100k bounty is how I made my millions. Shall we casually forget the gold bar you sell for 50k, I seize for 2k. And again that 2k gets split with every cop within 2km. Rebels already complain about how long it takes for us to respond to prisons, banks, feds and evidence. You want to extend that time by making us go somewhere else to gear up? I am 99% sure I have seen 911s from you complaining about how long we take or how shit we are. Don't you want to kill us more? Isn't that the point of why we are all here? To fight? You want to have a fight where it takes the other side just as long to gear up go fight a cartel. Want to balance the odds against the APD, go load your Telos house with gear. Oh yes the lovely drone. Don't get me wrong, they can be extremely powerful. I have a powerful enough computer I could easily camp every major drug field with a single drone. If we did this no one would want to do anything as soon as a SGT logged on. It would completely destroy people's ability to do any run because the APD would know about it. Let's also remember that if I die, soft log or try to use a simple function of the drone I will probably end up getting kicked from the server cause of said drone. Honestly dropped flashbangs from my loadout a while ago. Took an extra talent, never used them, have to pay 1k every time I die. From what I have seen a vast majority of officers don't carry them either. There are still plenty who do, but not nearly as many as don't. The APD faction is designed to entertain rebels. It is built to give them fights and chases. Make a cop buy their y every single time they die trying to attack your fortified house, bank, fed, prison you are not going to see cops. They will give their two lives and fuck off back to Sofia where they don't die every 5 seconds. I still pay the exact same price I would on civ for every medical item I buy. No I don't have to buy a defib every time I die, but if I did, I would never be in any fights. You complain about lethals now? Take away cops keeping y and everything will turn into sniper elite with lethals. Sorry rebels don't have anything cops don't? Shall we make a list, I'll tell you what, I will put it in a spoiler so this post doesn't get any longer. So shall we finally get to what this topic is actually about? Striders. 1.8% of the entire APD has access to the strider. A vehicle which is only superior to the iFrit because of its amphibious capabilities. The front glass of the strider can be 1 tapped by a 7.62, in order to smoke you must have someone in commander, the vehicle is only able to carry 4 people. The iFrit on the other hand, can't go in water, small slits high up on the sides (which are difficult to shoot through from the ground anyway), is a bit higher off the ground, and costs more. Please tell me how the strider is superior to the iFrit? Is the strider really that great of a vehicle that rebels really need it? The main reason you gave for wanting them is that the APD has them. Not a very persuasive argument when less than 2% of a white listed faction has something. From what I am seeing, you want another legal variation of armor to go steamroll constables with. Sorry, but the APD gets steamrolled enough, we don't need another thing to flatten them with.
  9. Oooo I think this patch modified the Spar16s to shoot out points for LTs also!
  10. You used to be able to before V2. Not sure if it wasn't implemented back in or what. It didn't take an admin, I think you just paid a fee if I remember correctly. I only did it once a long ass time ago so....
  11. What?? I don't own any of those? My Athira houses are further away from town than those. In much better positions for what they were used as, scotch houses.
  12. Shall we get some transparency on what @Patato is talking about? My basic loadout that I generally run is 6.5k. I am not good at combat. I will die multiple times during most federal events and semi often during normal shootouts. Now granted some of the time I die, I get revived and only have to pay 3.5k. The rest of the time it is the full 6.5 of course. @Patato was not actually joking when he said he has cost me over a million. He would only have to kill me 154 times in order to do that (with a full gear up every time). On an average week he will kill me probably 4-8 times. Now if we assume 4 times a week, it would only take 38.5 weeks. As already stated we have been playing together for years (granted he didn't used to crash so many damn helos....). I did the math a little while ago and figured out that on an average week of cop I will make 50k. Keep in mind this is before accounting for the loss of any helos or armored vehicles. I also generally average out to playing about an hour a day. Of course there are weeks when I make more, and weeks when I make less. Sometimes there are weeks when we end up with a few good busts of coke, meth or uranium and it ends up being a lot more. It is always dependent on what people are doing though. There is no for sure possibility of a payout for cops. If we look at how much can be made playing civ for one hour ever day I would guess it to probably be more around 100k. That would be having 2, 3 barrel scotch houses and just doing one run per house in a day. In short it should be easy for you in one day to make what takes me 2 weeks to make. Are cop loadouts OP? I don't think 95% of officers would really know! We are all to busy gearing up and getting our real loadout.
  13. Watch it, his rank is still more relevant than yours!
  14. As far as I am aware, the only way to "fix" this bug is to add custom code to each garage so that each garage has a custom spawn point. It is not something that can be done generically like just spawn it 5 meters in front of garage because not every garage has the same terrain/buildings in front of it. This was the reason given for it not being done in the past. Times change, we have new developers who are more knowledgeable so maybe it is a possibility now, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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