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  1. First I would like to apologize to @halfdrunkhero. After a weekend of shit shows involving the APD I snapped at you. The frustration that had built over the weekend due to dealing with situations unrelated to you came out directed at you which was not fair. This was not right and for that I apologize to you. For the two officers I lethaled, I did not realize the policy change regarding Captains had removed all unwritten rules including those regarding LTs. I assumed and in doing so, made an ass of myself. I should have clarified the policy with Mitch prior and been aware of this change. I am, after all, only human and make mistakes. I do not hide from them but rather learn from them and work to better myself. I have been in this community for over 5 years, over 4.5 of them as a higher up. As a higher up I am obviously held to a higher standard. I have never, in all that time, worked towards anything that I did not think would better this community. I have made my mistakes and had lapses in judgement in the past, but I have never and never plan to, do something I know would be directly harmful to this community.
  2. bbgreg17

    Gun Cabinet

    Honestly great idea, only potential issue I could see would be dupe of some sort. Maybe if there was a limit and if server performance dropped to low that would prevent you from using it? I will not give @Patato any sort of nickname that will boost his ego.
  3. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY The life requirement for the Mental Asylum has been brought in line with all other federal events. Officers are now only required to give 2 lives to the event. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, or would like to discuss a policy change, feel free to contact a Captain.
  4. Metagaming is a bitch ain't it?
  5. o7 been many good years!
  6. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY APD Ticket Guide Changes: Bounty Hunter Execution: This charge has been removed as it is no longer applicable. Abuse of Bounty Hunter Weapon (Rework): This charge is to be applied when a licensed bounty hunter abuses their bounty hunter weapon against an APD Officer. Please note, this charge is ONLY to be applied to a LICENSED bounty hunter who abuses their weapon against an APD OFFICER. This charge is not to be stacked with Possession of an Illegal Firearm. Officers may, at their discretion, choose which charge to apply. Ex. If a licensed bounty hunter uses their mx against an officer, the officer may charge the bounty hunter with EITHER Possession of an Illegal Firearm or Abuse of Bounty Hunter Weapon NOT both. Note: This charge is not yet implemented in game. The charge price has been set at $7,500. Until it has been implemented, charge any individuals with Possession of Cocaine and read it as Abuse of Bounty Hunter Weapon. If you have any questions feel free to contact a Captain.
  7. We need better security on the damn keys to the Captain's office. First @Louie now this guy???
  9. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Two Minute Procedure: Officers will now have the ability to send a suspect to jail at any location when the two minute server restart mark hits. Any suspect in custody within two minutes to server restart must be given their ticket. If they refuse to pay the ticket or the one minute restart notification appears, they must be sent to jail. *Note* Higher up requests are not granted during this time. Officers are still expected to inform a higherup they had a request, but it does not stop processing. Cadet Tethering: Cadets must put the name of their Constable in parentheses after their name. This is to prevent confusion about who a cadet is patrolling with. Ex. Constable Playtime Requirement: Constables must play at least 10 hours in any rolling 90 day time period. Any Constable found to have not done so will be subject to removal from the APD. Oysters: As oysters are now legal, Possession of Oysters and Possession of Fried Oysters have been removed. For clarifications purposes the two following charges have been renamed: Possession of Concentrated Cannabis is now called Possession of Golden Wax Possession of Marijuana is now Possession of Reggie Weed If you have any questions feel free to contact a Captain.
  10. I don't care how many people have keys to a house. The more people with keys, the more likely I am to be able to raid the house! This was neither suggested nor requested by the APD!
  11. Appreciate the credit Make who voted for each option public though!
  12. You steal my clip and making a fake YouTube account to try to impersonate me? Wow....
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