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  1. When an MXSW is placed in a house, over a restart it creates a bipod. There is a reason it is a Captain only gun and we are not allowed to drop it even for fantastic roleplay.
  2. Oh no who let this guy in?
  3. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Marid: The Marid is a Captain only vehicle. These rules must be followed by officers of all ranks, including Captains. The Marid may only be pulled during large sustained federal events. Large federal events are defined as events where there is a large rebel presence and even after the APD has made several attempts there has been little to no progress. The only exception to this would be the Mental Asylum. Due to the current state of the Mental Asylum, Captains may pull this vehicle immediately upon responding regardless of rebel count. The Marid should not be the go to vehicle for every federal event and should only be pulled when absolutely needed. Only SGT+ may drive the Marid. Captain permission is still required for both LTs and SGTs to drive the vehicle. No more than 2 Marids may be pulled for any singular federal event. Due to the armor capabilities of this vehicle, should it be stolen by rebels, it shall become a top priority of the APD to re-secure the vehicle. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy feel free to contact a Captain.
  4. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Jewelry Emporium: The Jewelry Emporium will be treated like any other federal event. Officers must give 2 lives to an active robbery. Federal Event Response Priority: Federal Reserve Robbery Bank of Altis Robbery Evidence Lockup Mental Asylum Prison Break Jewelry Emporium Altis Shipping Robbery Remote Car Explosive: Any civilian found to be in possession of a Remote Car Explosive will be charged with Possession of Explosives. Gang Fortress: While the Gang Fortress can be captured, the APD may only enter for: Active and visual pursuit APB Tracking If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy feel free to contact a Captain.
  5. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Terrorism: Due to the extreme threat of players attacking Police HQs, posing a safety hazard to the citizens of Altis, Terrorism will now be a straight to jail offense at officer discretion. EarthQuakes: Officers may patrol EarthQuake sites, but must leave all items found at the epicenter alone. Illegal Vehicles: Lieutenants+ may now drive illegal vehicles to a secure location (ex. An HQ) to be seized. If the illegal vehicle is taken to a location other than a Police HQ the area must be deemed all clear prior to seizing. Civilian Vehicles: Any van which is positioned to compromise the security of an HQ (used to jump into an HQ) may be moved by an officer of any rank. The vehicle should be moved to a position nearby that does not threaten the HQs security. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy please contact a Captain.
  6. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY CAPTAIN TERM POLICY Six months after a Captain takes office, the active Lieutenants and Sergeants will review the Captain's performance. They will determine whether or not they feel the Captain is still fit for duty. This review will occur in the form of a vote. All votes will be totaled as follows: Lieutenant vote will count as 1.0 points Sergeant vote will count as 0.5 points >50% is required to send the vote to CMs for final approval and removal of the Captain. Should CMs approve the vote the Captain will be immediately retired and assigned the rank of Retired Captain. Should a Captain be voted from office the Lieutenants and Sergeants will vote immediately on who the next Captain should be. The votes will be counted in the same manner as above. This vote will be sent to CMs and the 2 remaining Active Captains for approval. Note, if <50% of Lieutenants and Sergeants vote for a single candidate, CMs and the 2 remaining Active Captains will select the new Captain. The policy above is separate from a Section F and cannot be altered or revoked in any manner without CM approval. REVISION OF SECTION F POLICY (4 &5) SECTION F Section F’s are reserved for extreme situations when Lieutenants have lost confidence in their Captain(s) Lieutenants should attempt to bring any issues they may have to the Captain in question before moving forward with a section F. To Start Section F proceedings A minimum of 50% of Lieutenants must be willing to sign a petition outlining their grievances with the Captain. (This initial petition will be anonymous) That petition will be delivered to the Community Managers. A mandatory meeting will be conducted by the CMs with all Lieutenants and the Captain in question to discuss the grievances. Stipulations As a Lieutenant you must be present at the meeting to have your voice and vote counted. Section F Meeting Procedures All parties should be given a chance to air their grievances and explain their side fully. In order for a Section F to pass a supermajority of 75% or higher of the Lieutenants must vote to remove the Captain. Should the Section F fail another can not be brought against the same captain for 30 Days. Should the Section F pass, the Captain will be reassigned to the rank of Retired Lieutenant, all active Lieutenants and Sergeants will then have the opportunity to vote for the next Captain. This vote will occur in the form outlined below: All votes will be totaled as follows: Lieutenant vote will count as 1.0 points Sergeant vote will count as 0.5 points >50% is required to send the vote to CMs for final approval 5. If <50% vote for a single candidate the selection process will default back to the remaining 2 Captains and CMs. The Community Managers reserve the right to make changes to the Section F policy at any time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes please contact a Captain.
  7. bbgreg17

    New Mods

    Congrats to all!
  8. Bring me or any other LT proof and we would be happy to review it. Additionally while it is not difficult to become an officer, there are zero requirements for bounty hunter.
  9. Maybe it increases the cap for the next bounty or the next x bounties. I could see how a perm increase might lead to abuse, though maybe those who abuse get banned and the bonus removed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. How do I take a position which will be filled by an admin? And before you say I want admin, I have very publicly stated I am not interested in nor intend to apply for admin. And it is 3 years as an LT thanks
  11. Bank: http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Bank_Fed_Guide#Bank Fed: http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Bank_Fed_Guide#Federal_Reserve Prison: http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Prison_Guide Lockup: http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Evidence_Lockup
  12. The claiming thing was simply an idea. As for an LT jumping into your ifrit and bailing with it, put more than one person in an ifrit? Stop us while we are heading back to HQ? Plan your tactics a little more when an LT is on? So I am confused, do you want APD pulling more armor or do you want them the same price as civ? APD is designed to lose more than civ and make less money than civ, to help offset that our gear is cheaper.
  13. I am not entirely opposed to APD ifrits being claimable there are just a few things. Could never keep the cop skin so as to prevent confusion for new players. Claim price needs to be the same as a civ ifrit. It would devalue the civ ifrit because as an LT on cop I do not have the fear of it being seized by the APD or another group taking and claiming it. I only have to worry about a rebel group taking my ifrit and claiming it. Because of this I am more likely to pull out an ifrit to push a bank. The more times I pull one, the more likely I am to lose one. The ifrit was given to the APD as a counter for situations in which the APD is already struggling. This means we are generally going to pull them in situations which have a higher risk of losing them to rebels. We already have the risk of them being lockpicked and used against us, taken and chopped, or taken and blown up. Being able to claim them would add the risk of that ifrit being used against the APD in future situations including times when the LT+ who originally pulled it isn't even online. The APD has been struggling in recent times with being overloaded by the number of ifrits used against us. The APD ifrit is a counter, claiming could possibly compound this issue. Personally I think right now should be more of a hold off and see how it plays out. Right now we have a new toy, that new toy will wear off and they will not be pulled half as frequently. An idea came up while I was talking with other higherups as a counter if civs where given the ability to claim APD ifrits. Allow civ ifrits to be repurposed for APD use (cops claiming civ ifrits). I think a variation of this (if possible with code and honestly I doubt it because it would be a lot to track on the database) would be cool. An APD ifrit is taken by rebels and claimed. Later on an LT+ captures that ifrit and takes it back to an HQ. Because it started out as an APD ifrit the LT+ is able to repossess the ifrit and take ownership of it. LT+s would not be able to repossess ifrits purchased from rebels, crafted or comped by the Admin Team.
  14. Spar16s because it pisses @Master27411 off
  15. LOL When did we make the bet 3 days ago? 4? Anyway, grats you two!
  16. If this was earlier today... I was not the SGT+ who said they were going to conduct the TBC. I didn't know there was a TBC organized until after the bank popped. I said I was going to the bank, I never said the TBC could not happen. (If officers are engaged in something prior to a federal event popping they are allowed to finish that engagement). I am not entirely sure where you are coming from in thinking this was me? If someone told you it was, I am sorry, but you were misinformed.
  17. Officers are expected to use reasonable judgement when conducting themselves while on duty. This is one of those situations. Unfortunately I can not tell you all situations that would be reasonable and not reasonable. If you want to ask me questions about it feel free to find me in TS at any time!
  18. Spamming 9 spikes on top of each other is clearly improper use. If the APD is given items to use against rebels they are expected to use them reasonably. If we are unable to do so they will (rightfully so) be taken away from us. How many you are allowed to use? I personally carry 2 at all times. The only time I use both is to either spike fed gates (one per gate) or evidence gates (again one per gate), to spike the entire MSR as one is just short of being long enough or in a vehicle pursuit and the first set fails. If you see an officer placing 9 spikes down in a single spot that is not their intended use. Improper use of APD equipment.
  19. There should be a fix for idiot cops spamming spikes strips coming soon. Also if you manage to catch video an officer spamming spikes, please file an IA.
  20. Never seen a situation where it was
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