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****APD Policy Update 6/13/2022****

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Captains (Active or Retired) additional guidebook abilities:

  • Pass out weapons/equipment (excluding bipods and msxws) to any online player regardless of rank or faction

    • If the individual is an APD Officer, he/she must drop and seize the item(s) when the Captain leaves the server

  • Allow a civilian to keep contraband

  • Perform Cartel/Rebel Raids

    • All officers participating must execute the raid at the same time, including the Captain

    • Only 1 life per raid (unless revived) per officer

    • Raids may only be conducted every 30 minutes per individual location by the Captain

  • Captains may test new policies prior to implementation

    • The policy must have been presented to the Senior Admins for review and approval prior to testing in-game.

  • Retired Captains are no longer allowed to post on applications


To improve understanding and transparency within the community, these abilities are now written down and will be added to the guidebook. That being said, Captains MUST behave reasonably as they are the head of the APD. If you feel you have been wronged, in any form in or out of game, by an APD Captain, please submit a Captain Report via Internal Affairs. The Captain reports, active or retired, will now be handled directly by the Senior Admins.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact a Captain or Senior Admin.

   - The Senior Admins

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