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****APD Policy Update 8/28/2022****


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Section F's are for both extreme circumstances when the APD staff have lost confidence in a CPT, and for when a CPT’s performance is no longer sufficient in the eyes of the APD staff.

Lieutenants/Sergeants shall attempt to bring any issues they may have to the Captain in question before moving forward with a Section F.


To Start Section F proceedings:

  1. A minimum of 50% of Lt/Sgts must be willing to sign a petition outlining their grievances with the Captain. (This initial petition will be anonymous)

  2. That petition will be delivered to the Senior Admins.

  3. A mandatory meeting will be conducted by the Senior Admins with all active Lieutenants/Sergeants and the Captain in question to discuss the grievances.


As a Lieutenant/Sergeant you must be present at the meeting to have your voice and vote counted.


Section F Meeting Procedures:

  1. All parties should be given a chance to air their grievances and explain their side fully.

    1. The vote against the current CPT will be totaled as follows

      1. Lieutenant vote will count as 1

      2. Sergeant vote will count as 0.5

      3. In order for a Section F to pass a supermajority of 66% or higher of the Lieutenants/Sergeants must vote to remove the Captain, with SA approval.

  2. Should the Section F fail, another cannot be brought against the same captain for 30 days.

  3. Should the Section F pass. 

    1. The Captain will be reassigned to either Retired LT or Retired CPT at the discretion of the Lts/Sgts with SA approval

      1. General guidelines

        1. CPTs who have done something egregious are placed to Retired LT

        2. CPTs who served <6 months and their performance is no longer sufficient are placed to Retired Lt

        3. CPTs who served >6 months and their performance is no longer sufficient may be placed to Retired CPT.

    2. All active Lieutenants and Sergeants will then immediately vote for the next Captain. The vote for the next CPT will be totaled as follows:

      1. Lieutenant vote will count as 1.0 point

      2. Sergeant vote will count as 0.5 point

      3. >50% is required to send the vote to Senior Admins for final approval

      4. If <50% vote for a single candidate the selection process will default back to the remaining 2 Captains and Senior Admins.

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