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  1. there was a reason this cartel location was removed i think it should stay that way
  2. King

    APD Hellcat

    Could we possibly get the version of the hellcat that allows people to sit on the benches to shoot out from for CPL+? Much better than a hummingbird
  3. ur a straight up fag for stealing ifrits on cap and leaving with them without fighting the cap you just third partied
  4. King

    Vote Day

    yea this is a life server not call of duty!
  5. Then make it something you can toggle on/off in phone setting. Olympus has this and it is actually amazing to have.
  6. srt exploiter down horrendous
  7. in other words can we add this so smoke fighting is coincidentally easier to fight in for those who use it
  8. no these are all too op and if you want a debit card then fork over 10 bucks
  9. King

    Domination days

    on behalf of the senior admins: no
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