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  1. Add a refill mags option to Turfs. When capping a turf you normally end up fighting a bunch(depending on the turf ex. Rodopoli and even Zaros). if you successfully cap it and win the fight there is no way to refill mags. It wouldn't be a problem if you have certain 6.5 or lower calibers since you could just buy new mags but this isn't the case if you are using 7.62 or an LMG.
  2. Requirements: Click picture above to apply and then make a ticket in the #apply-to-gang chat About Us: Diverse(Race) gang but no trans/gay players allowed(WE HAVE A BLACK GUY) Roster Leaders Zurph, King, Swae Members spotify rapper, MASTER, Fat Erik, Wadu Sackrider, jojor, Junke, Joe King, Jr4Life, John Winkerson, Rekty, CrikeyMate, Paved, Panda, Jimbo, Pariah, Joee, devman115 Application(PM me if you don't want to apply here/on discord) Player ID: Hours on Arma 3(Screenshot Req.): IGN: Money: Do you posses any knowledge of federal events/cartels(not required but nice if you do): Vouches if any(not required):
  3. Sever is always 115/115 anyways. It would be hard to log more cops in when an event starts as it is. Keeping or removing it does virtually nothing
  4. In-game name: k1ng Timezone: the middle of the united states i think Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): 2500+ (screenshot here) Previous gang affiliations: Plague, Sinister, Stellar, Retribution Why we should accept you: bunni is my father from ethiopia Member who can vouch for you : marzoh and bunni
  5. King

    Change log 8.0.7

    Can we go back 2 and a half years please. None of these bugs would exist if we did.
  6. Envy and Tenacity in opposite sides of the bracket? Wonder who will be in the finals
  7. So there's this server called Olympus...
  8. lol i cant see my fingers in this clip +1 fire montage free me from recursion dad
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