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Asylum Fresh Start September 2-4 UPDATED

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2 hours ago, Leroy Jenkins said:

Wipe = bad idea. I thought it would be fun starting over and it was kinda fun but I'm ready to go back to the old server and start spending all the money!!! btw, i was only able to buy four sheds during that trial-period, sad... And why is the vote worded "keep your money and do nothing with it"? If I have 45 jets in my garage and you have 1, how does that affect your gameplay? Stop sharing people's bank account publicly and mind your own house/wealth and the millennials won't be jealous of what they don't have and perhaps work to get more for themselves...just a boomer idea...


I think the main thing that a lot of people are looking towards (just based off the other forums on feedback) is content, I truly believe that adding more content or just moving things around is really the best way to meet in the middle with everyone. Some people love the idea of the wipe and others are hating it but one main thing that's talked about a lot is the content aspect it seems to be the middle grounds with this whole event. Here are some ideas that I have.. 

1. Rework of drugs/Implementing some new ideas or carrying through with new drugs                                                                  - Adding more structures or changing some of the layouts of the current drugs (besides the ones that are already updated) or adding newer drugs without the collapse of the economy would be a refreshing take on this

2. Reworks of the illegal processing areas                                                                                                                                           - We've grown used to a lot of these processing areas maybe adding newer structures that haven't been seen before on asylum would be a nice a refreshing way to include an overhaul of these illegal processing areas. (As a reference is the heroin processing with only a couple of areas with cover and a 2 story building with a whole empty field)

3. Housing                                                                                                                                                                                              - This is a huge one as @ 王 rando 王 has mentioned before which is something that I can stand behind, its not fair that someone logs into the server once a month just to be able to keep and hold houses\sheds. If you're looking for a bit of input on some ideas this is a great reference to go by.

4. Newer Achievements/Quests or Titles                                                                                                                                          - Though this isn't something in particular that everyone's asking for but a lot of players have already grinded out a lot of the achievements and titles, I'm sure some vets or players in general would look forward to spending their time on this to unlock titles or complete quests 

5. Adding more weapons/clothes                                                                                                                                                      - As of now the only gun and clothing thats ever used 80% of the time are Mk's and CSAT\Granit Bs which I'm sure that a lot of players are fine with using them, but wouldn't it be nice to use a new imported gun or clothing on the mod list or even made from scratch? 


We must keep in mind that adding content in general can take a lot of time especially these ideas that are listed. These things have to be tested and checked for server stability, so the best thing one could do is create a ROAD MAP  That includes when content is expected and what will be added to post on announcements for everyone to see. 

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Guys the server pop has increased significantly and switching between the 2 databases after the weekends grind us going to cause some issues I would suggest that the current database/ the wipe is what this server needs leave it as is people are actually having fun again and enjoying playing there is a reason to play again money making becoming the best fighters and obviously the fed events in which I make an opinion that they should be disabled for the time being to give the cops a chance at getting there talents back so they can have a fair fight at the moment they are being 1 tapped by the 7.62 rifles possessed by these weasels 

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