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  1. UPDATE 2 PayPal’s REST API is still continuing to have elevated issues. If you are having problems getting PayPal to load the payment window please try again later. PayPal:
  2. UPDATE 1 It appears PayPal’s API was having a small hiccup in authorization not allowing our payment requests to go through. This issue has resolved itself (For now). A new patch is also live that will help us with any other problems that may occur going forward. If you have anymore issues crediting your account let us know.
  3. Yeah couple days over a month ago you couldn't see bank accounts. It got fixed and should still be fixed.
  4. We have implemented (what should be) a better experience for Players to purchase keys. The new store page will allow you to use the credit that shows on MyAsylum instantly for keys. You can also top off your logged in account which adds to any existing credits. Same thing applies before in regards to buying keys: If you purchase keys while in-game. Wait a couple of minutes and then soft log to the lobby and rejoin. Your key inventory in the store page should update almost instantaneously. If you have any issues with the store page please use our Ticket System. Ads have been e
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  5. appreciate the free shed!
  6. This can be considered done for next update . Total $ Contraband seized seems fair. Tracking each item seized possibly, but might be better to add a total for all seized. I'd have to see if that can get implemented to the stat tracking.
  7. No it's actually just water I could not afford the $70 bottles on Amazon that most likely wont work.
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