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  1. I've taken this accusation seriously so I've reviewed the video and houses owned during the timeframe. Both houses did not have their Owners or Key Holders online during the incident or before the restart happened 30 minutes later. The second house destroyed is not owned by your gang and doesn't appear targeted anyway towards your group. It's been concluded that the Admin was trying to have a bit of late night fun before restart and did not mean to cause a scene to others on at the time. However, this does not fully excuse blowing up houses for fun in such a way above. It simply is a bad look, even with no harm being done, the last thing we want is you or anyone to think the Admin Team is actively being bias towards your group or targeting you in any way. I've talked to the Admin and they understand it's a bad look and will do better. If you want to further talk about it or something else comes up shoot me a message on Discord or find me in TeamSpeak. An Admin Report also works better investigation wise. (Admins can't see Admin Reports) Also to answer the title of your post Here is the answer
  2. Good job starting out with silent aim clip cheater
  3. Very heart warming and inspirational .
  4. Say hello and congratulations to our newest Admins @Ronald @Panda With the promotion of our Moderators we will soon be looking for new Staff to join the team. We plan on opening Moderator Applications (Date not yet determined) within the next month. Until then this is great time and opportunity to have something written up and ready. Thank You - Asylum Staff
  5. I believe during the event @ObiWokiwas giving scores due to the big and said the hud will be fixed next patch.
  6. First 24 Hours Economy Report We will show more and make an official thread of our findings after the event has concluded. First Hour of the wipe First 12 Hours of the wipe First 24 Hours of the wipe
  7. Continuation and update for (I'd suggest reading this) The patch is now live. While this is something new that's being tested I'd like to remind everyone that all rules will be in place. And just because we are on a different database does not mean your bans and punishments wont stick after the event. Please do not try to ruin it for other players. Again, we are temporarily starting everyone fresh besides their donation and faction status. This means houses, vehicles, money, stats, etc will be gone during the event. Only thing being kept is your current gang. (Gang bank, gang garage, gang house all will be removed) Any crate keys or skins purchased during the event will be useable on the main server after the test is over. Meaning if you purchase crate keys now you will not see them in your Asylum Fresh inventory, but instead in the main server inventory. If we do another play test we will move your newly earned crate rewards and skins over to the existing fresh server profile data. If you purchase or upgrade your donation rank please message me on Discord BoonieHat#0292 and I will try to get it updated quickly. Also, I've received a lot of messages regarding some of you thinking it's a wipe. It is not a wipe, but a play test to gain feedback about a wipe and try something new. After the event is over we will be switching back to everyone's current progress. All your progress you've made during this weekend will be saved. If feedback is good and we run the event again we plan on using this same data, but this isn't guaranteed as we may need to balance a few things. https://myfresh.gaming-asylum.com/home is now live and being used for the fresh start. We've disabled a couple leaderboards and stats for the time being. We will be giving away a few unique titles, donor ranks, and some store credit to the top achievers in The Altis Police Department, The Altis Fire Department, Civilians, and Rebels. I'm not going to spoil all the fun and tell you what were looking for, but I will say (It's not just money earned). Have fun. And leroy please don't steal my redgulls.
  8. Hello everyone, After looking through the Community Feedback received in the past couple weeks we have decided to run a temporary event on the main server to test the waters. We are going to be picking a weekend to wipe the slate clean for everyone that will allow all new and old players to compete for money & properties on the main server. This means we will switch to a completely new database where all player data will be fresh. Things being wiped only during the event will be all houses, vehicles, money, honor, prestige, and stats. The only thing that will not be wiped will be your Donation Level, Asylum Plus, Faction Ranks (APD / AFD), Gang Name, and Gang Members. (Gang Bank, Gang Garage, Gang House will be wiped). The mailbox system and exchange system will be completely isolated from the Domination and Main Server. You will not be able to claim funds received outside the event server. After the event is over we will switch back to the main database and everyone will have all their old money, houses, etc. We will be keeping the event database incase the feedback is good and we can run another event. A suggested idea we received is to give players rewards or titles based off their progression & stats gained during the event period. Remember, no one is losing anything, all data will be separate from their current player data. This also does not mean we will be wiping the main server in the future either. An exact date hasn't been determined yet (We hope very very soon), but we will keep you posted. Please leave your feedback below.
  9. Good work! Keep it coming
  10. All Asylum Keys are now 15% off until Sunday April the 10th at https://store.gaming-asylum.com/keys Anyone who has purchased keys since the Blasphemy Key update will receive 15% of their Gold back. You should see the Gold reimbursed into your Store Account within the next 24 hours.
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