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    1. Sail


      yeee yeee

    2. Boonie Hat

      Boonie Hat

      This isn't the redneck I was wanting a reply from


    3. Boonie Hat

      Boonie Hat

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  1. appreciate the free shed!
  2. This can be considered done for next update . Total $ Contraband seized seems fair. Tracking each item seized possibly, but might be better to add a total for all seized. I'd have to see if that can get implemented to the stat tracking.
  3. No it's actually just water I could not afford the $70 bottles on Amazon that most likely wont work.
  4. The forums are no longer safe. Take some for your travels.
  5. Sounds like something to protest for!
  6. Holy Professor Goyney I don't think you can find a guide as good as this online
  7. I've only seen one other person with such skills @Mason
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