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  1. ur a spastic haha literally no one has a shred of me supposedly cheating because big reveal I M N O T
  2. You are a literal dribbler. I hadn't played in a week and some reason Mitch decided to scripting ban me when I hadn't played the previous two doms and tells me he won't discuss the ban so in other words he doesn't have a shred of proof and wants me banned cause he thinks "man get too many kill man must cheat" offered to screenshare to him and show clips but he doesn't care cause he's stubborn What about me then, have never cheated on this game once but i'm banned for "cheating" with no second chance or proof
  3. It’s funny cause I’m legit and feel like I could prove it pretty easily but ok tubby When it gets this big guy off the rails has to be brought up
  4. U gonna celebrate with some budlights now that i'm banned for being to good?
  5. walt jealous of me having that title cheers guys
  6. I don't always stay up and can definitely assure you every EU person doesn't have my sleeping patter, but the best bet is make it like an hour later maybe but definitely have two rounds.
  7. Already a 10pm start for EU people nevermind fucking 12. Maybe rotate times or change them so everyday is different to see how it is but not all 3 and definitely not midnight for eu. Or even do two rounds of 3000 points so that second round people like Zurph who get on later can still play.
  8. Nah I got bored never cheated freak
  9. Didn't have any asylum clips since dom shut down and was low pop
  10. Can just imagine Sahrani on Asylum that would be bomb
  11. Bro for real these kids mad that I don’t prone in a field and let people kill me
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