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  1. Add more purchasable vehicles to the server. The ability to remove the arms on vehicles opens up the vehicles that can be added but here are a few suggestions. Hurons for civs that dual jet propeller thing i see the admins in dont know what it is called minigun boat for civs will come in handy for fighting the sea fortress would be fun to see how it works out. all the tempest varients. i dunno just more vehicles in general would be nice to spice things up a little bit . Suggestion 2 Make the new vehicles craftable still cant craft a taru.
  2. Give civilians the option to check the glove box to check registration on a vehicle
  4. so basically what your saying is that all these guys that have been grinding all that time that they put into these past few days has been a waste of their time for your stupid shitty data
  5. Guys the server pop has increased significantly and switching between the 2 databases after the weekends grind us going to cause some issues I would suggest that the current database/ the wipe is what this server needs leave it as is people are actually having fun again and enjoying playing there is a reason to play again money making becoming the best fighters and obviously the fed events in which I make an opinion that they should be disabled for the time being to give the cops a chance at getting there talents back so they can have a fair fight at the moment they are being 1 tapped by the 7.62 rifles possessed by these weasels
  6. in my opinion the server is popping again from what i have seen and it is all for 1 again enjoying it LEAVE IT LIKE THIS IN MY OPINION
  7. Nobody gets banned that offen unless they are retarded and don't understand the rules
  8. I like how all the cartel suggestions are by people that don't fight them
  9. Maybe use 1 of the ingredients for meth like the hydrogen and the is a chance the fentanyl fails and goes bad in which case you loose it maybe make it more challenging hydrogen opium and another ingredient that can be added which would make a new field @Patato
  10. This seems like a you problem
  11. Alshiq Fatarra


    With the addition of the 300+ new houses maybe we can get a house increase from 5 - 7.
  12. woah someones abit pissed toxic much
  13. i will even make the code if needed
  14. Alshiq Fatarra


    Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50-100 times stronger than morphine. Pharmaceutical fentanyl was developed for pain management treatment of Cancer. maybe add this as it is used in the drug trade and most drud overdose doas in the us are caused buy this drug. I was thinking either a double process of heroin makes fentanyl as would make the heroin field more of a use or purification of heroin. Fentanyl should also sell for more money than meth as it is more potent than meth.
  15. Dont get what your problem is with the economy.
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