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****APD Policy Update 10/6/2022****

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Sgt+ now have access to the mobile HQ vehicle.

  • Only one mobile HQ can be used at any given time.
  • The same seizing/processing policies as a normal HQ will apply.
  • A mobile HQ must be set up 1km from any illegal area/federal event.
    • 1km is from the center marker of an illegal area.
    • 1km from any federal event marker.
      • This includes Shipping Robbery sale points.
    • 1km from any free fire zone
    • 1km from any rebel outpost marker
    • Must not be set up inside of a turf, may not be used to attack a turf.
  • If the mobile HQ is used for a Federal Event, it should be impounded when officers are done with the event.
  • May not be sling loaded.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, or would like to discuss a policy change, feel free to contact a Captain.

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