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****APD Policy Update 1/14/2023****

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Affiliation clarification/update:

 “Affiliation/Affiliates” will now be defined as the following.

  • Current gang mates or recent gang mates (within the past month.) 

  • Or "known friend" (defined as: someone who you've been known to hang out with on a regular basis on the server (observed within the past month))"

This will be applied for, processing, RA, Interviews etc.


Captains (Active or Retired) additional guidebook abilities:

  • Captains are no longer permitted to pass out weapons/equipment to civilian affiliates. 

    • Captains will be held responsible for what happens to any distributed equipment if provided to friends outside of affiliates

SRT Restrictions:

  • All SRT officers must remain loyal to each other, I.E. no paintballing, VDM etc.

  • Officers may not intentionally destroy any vehicles by any means. (Ex. shedding ifrits)

    • Unintentional destruction via armor v armor is permitted.

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