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  1. Oh I agree with you 100% I was just giving the reason that it was added back, I would love to see it removed.
  2. If I'm not mistaken it was added back as sort of an automatic identity theft charge because people weren't showing up on the wanted list, but if that's not an issue would love to see $2 charge removed
  3. "There's no VDM in this one" -Bherky
  4. Yeah that's how you got your 30 kill streak tag with your above average skill right
  5. Denied, good luck finding another gang
  6. You buy asylum + on my asylum now, https://my.gaming-asylum.com/store/plus
  7. Denied, good luck finding another gang
  8. Kind of a weird guy

  9. There is a seasonal quest progress tracker in game, type !seasquestprogress into direct chat to check your seasonal quests.
  10. kid is a bit slow in the head give him a break
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