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  1. kid is a bit slow in the head give him a break
  2. At the very least make it only purchasable at rebel so every kavala pleb doesn’t have one.
  3. Innate

    V2 feedback

    Pizza Man for contributor
  4. Innate

    V2 feedback

    He wants gangs to have a joint garage. Ex Gang member 1 buys ifrit and stores it in gang garage, then gang member 2 can pull said ifrit out of the gang garage.
  5. Thanks civ rep Tryhard for the fantastic poll!
  6. I'm a thunder fan and am going to cry for the next couple of years. But in the long run it's a good move they got a ton of picks off of two players.
  7. @MrGrav1ty haha retard not a surprise.
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