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  1. They cost less than civilian ifrits so the lower chop price makes sense. And if cop ifrits were claimable that would just be a much easier and cheaper way to get ifrits on civ.
  2. Hello lutendent innate i have had my constable removed can i have a constable? I will ignore any events that may or may not have happened in kavala

  3. APD LT? nice meme ocean boy

  4. In my opinion it is best to get players together right now not spread them out on the outskirts of the map, which I feel like was part of the goal of this update just looking at it. Don't think anything else should be added over there for now.
  5. One person makes a post merely suggesting changes to jewelry and all of plague gangs up on the poor guy
  6. Oh I agree with you 100% I was just giving the reason that it was added back, I would love to see it removed.
  7. If I'm not mistaken it was added back as sort of an automatic identity theft charge because people weren't showing up on the wanted list, but if that's not an issue would love to see $2 charge removed
  8. "There's no VDM in this one" -Bherky
  9. Yeah that's how you got your 30 kill streak tag with your above average skill right
  10. Denied, good luck finding another gang
  11. You buy asylum + on my asylum now, https://my.gaming-asylum.com/store/plus
  12. Denied, good luck finding another gang
  13. Kind of a weird guy

  14. There is a seasonal quest progress tracker in game, type !seasquestprogress into direct chat to check your seasonal quests.
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