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  1. Removed from exploiting Shedding/unlipping vehicles into structures Intentionally unflipping a vehicle into a structure/object or closing a door/gate to destroy a vehicle that doesn’t cause the death of another player shall now be considered exploiting.
  2. Added to VDM: Using a plane/helicopter to destroy property will be considered VDM regardless if there is a player inside or not.
  3. Innate


    damn miss you homie
  4. That's art right there L suggestion
  5. I'd rather kill myself than meet anyone on this server
  6. Damn common sense is hard sometimes
  7. This is content, requirement has to stay tbh
  8. If you voted no you're gay @P.FitzWallace
  9. Innate

    Rebel Camping

    King type suggestion yikes:(
  10. @Junkewant to team up and just kill each other for hours in therisa?
  12. I mean yeah I don't disagree with you, just stating why it was removed in the first place
  13. I believe this used to be the case with the old narcan, but was removed to give medics some use, as the only benefit to getting rezzed by a medic currently is no debuff.
  14. Innate

    A few things

  16. Innate

    qol apd stuff

    Don't need this
  17. -1 we don't need armed vehicles
  18. @HunterB Has been promoted to the rank of Captain, please give him some time to get adjusted to his new role. The responsibilities of the Chief of Police have been adjusted, please see the following post for additional information on the role of the CoP. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/122440-chief-of-police-announcement/
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