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AFD Jury Duty


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29 minutes ago, Sgt_kupcake said:

-1 less medics to revive me

get on AFD i can gurantee the reason you werent revived was more based off the fact theres 12 hour periods where there's either 0 or 1 medic online i know this because im often that 1 medic wanna know what makes me want to get off at those times waiting around 20-40 mins between requests

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22 minutes ago, Sgt_kupcake said:

Yeah I think the better thing to do is increase pay so more incentive to be on medic?

absolutely not thats just how we get more medics afking and not actually doing the role. THe incentive for cop and medic should always be roleplay if the problem is not enough to do dont make people suffer threw it by increasing the pay fix the actual problem by adding things for medic to do in the offhours

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