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  1. bending his shifty shaft

    1. Donald Clinton

      Donald Clinton

      not funny, didnt laugh

    2. Gagss


      i dont get it


  2. Gagss

    V2 feedback

    Add the U button for houses to unlock individual doors
  3. interesting vouches I think your looking for
  4. You proved Toms point of you being a retard after he proved your point
  5. We were not being toxic I said "fucking assholes" right before they sent me cause I thought it was bullshit we were in the middle of a fight with them and that gave me no chance to even try to get a ticket or continue fighting. Just like Clint said "If you want roleplay, create roleplay." now how the hell am I going to do that without even being processed plus the prison was not over it was around the 9 minute mark and yeah we are trash but we enjoy fighting we also enjoy not sitting for 45 mins in jail because we don't have the chance to get a ticket or even try to escape from custody.
  6. look at that post to like ratio tho
  7. Yeah but this just ruins the fun of any type of rescue or role play on both sides.
  8. I guess i just got outplayed
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