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  1. lmao thank you, my ego is increased
  2. lol gives us less than 1 day in advance and it's when dom starts yeah gl I won't be there, doubt others will be able to make it.
  3. You're retarded lol. I get sent immediately to jail when I get to HQ so no chance for some 15 minute roleplay
  4. -1 the last thing we need is to increase the jail time. I think anyone who is not a cop can agree that sitting any where near 45 mins in jail is retarded tell me how tf am I supposed to role play my way out of a 300k+ ticket when you got a bbgreggry as a captain that makes an menace of society rule?
  5. you guys seem to know how to change and remove stuff. how about add stuff
  6. -1 increase the price a bit not 300k shits retarded
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