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  1. Domination is not updated yet will do that later
  2. It will just be more unused content that we add that gets used barely and therefor its not really worth spending development time into this, we have the exchange i'd say utilize this for your player market content and suggest changes there when you deem fit
  3. We will look into implementing the following, When inside your car you can scrollwheel the NPC You process just as long as you'd do normally (without the running part) If you hop out progress goes poof so risk stays in the game
  4. Not possible as far as i know but you can nuke them
  5. We will not be adding a app to see your gang bank as the phone is limited in space, we can do what donald suggested tho
  6. Balance issues with cops vs rebels is a prevention for this. No for now
  7. We are already working at a house retention program that falls within something of the lines of this we might use this for future reference
  8. ObiWoki

    vehicle insurance

    Vehicle insurance has been here, its has been taken away because of economical reasons and will not return
  9. Unfortunatly with the way we have the house system setup there is no easy way to add this, i will add this to the board of long run revamps but I do not see this coming anytime soon
  10. ObiWoki

    Rebel Input

    We've been on this road before, `Community Council` was the exact thing you are mentioning. Every single time it shows that the idea clearly doesn't work it either turns inactive or letting rebels in on big changes end up in people using that information as an advantage in the long run and we are not planning on going down that road again. We think about every post that comes through and talk about it internally if deemed necessary, there is absolutely no `targeting` on gangs posts of who gets to be approved or whatever. I personally don't even know what gangs roam around the server these days besides the usual and definitely do not intend on looking up everyone who makes a post to see what gang they are in to base opinions off that (thats ludicrous for you to even think that btw). Posts that get denied are thought over by staff and if your suggestion has been denied we have reasons for it, either its a dumb idea, completely unbalanced, doesn't have enough information / not well thought out, we see more issues then possibilities with it or something completely different. Deal with it
  11. ObiWoki

    Voting system?

  12. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/
  13. It looks at the driver of the aircraft
  14. It literally says opponent
  15. You gotta be kidding me right, did you even read the patch note or just went GANG BOAT WhAt iS ThAt? And went to type a message about it it clearly states Sunday at 18:00 the fort becomes active UNTILL 12:00 on wednesday THEN the boat becomes active for capturing at 18:00 on wednesday and inactive on sunday at 12:00
  16. ObiWoki


    Instead of trying to be a wise ass start to elaborate the issue more cause we (the devs) did not understand what you meant, https://gyazo.com/0a639fbad2164012ea0f0aea9dde9ab7 The notification for civilian restraints is already there no matter the faction and after 10 minutes it is supposed to remove your zipties. After testing multiple things i finally figured out what you really meant we will fix it, but please for future reference be more descriptive and for bugs make a bug report. We will adress the issue regarding being stuck in a locked car aswell after 10 minutes
  17. Found a bug? Click here to file a bug report! Got some development ideas? Click here! Added: Gang Boat A random gang boat has entered the islands bounds and stranded at the free fire zone. Gang boat will be a capturable point just like the fortress with its own perks An active anti air system which will shoot your opponents out of the sky A private rebel outpost that only works for you close to all the cartels New times for both capture points have been appointed (ALL TIMES ARE UTC-4) Wednesday 12:00 (UTC-4) - The gang fortress becomes inactive 18:00 (UTC-4) - The gang boat capturepoint will become active Sunday 12:00 (UTC-4) - The gang boat becomes inactive 18:00 (UTC-4) - The gang fortress capture point will become active To initiate the new gang fort cycles we have reset all the capture points to inactive Passive Mode Passive Mode prevents new players (< 2 hours) from getting shot and robbed. Picking up weapons or shooting them will not work. Disables after 2 hours or when disabled using the phone app. Temporary disabled when: Having a bounty of $1,500 or more. Entering an illegal area. Players in passive mode have a tag in front of their name. APD Prestige Tree "Leadership" These perks are applied regardless of slot (Yes even the basic "Cop" slot) "Tacticool" Tac-Ping faster "Allied Armory (SGT+)", Spawn with an MX instead of a Spar "Invested (SGT+)" Unlocks Black Carrier light in shop "Armory Anarchy (LT+)" Spawn with an MXM Black Variants will be switched out for sand if on UC slot New Asylum Plus skins: (preview) Ifrit - Nuclear Meltdown (Kelly) Ifrit - Retrowave (wolf_fr) Ifrit - Water Colours (MyrtleDesign) Qilin - Scuba (Kelly) Qilin - Tiger (goyney) Qilin - Electric (goyney) Hunter - Dragon (Kelly) Orca - People Eater (Kelly) Orca -Off-White (goyney) Hatchback (Sport) - Red Electric (goyney) New Asylum Plus clothing Tanker Helmet (Rebel/BH/UC) Subscribe to Asylum Plus here Sport Clothes (Asydidas) (preview) Tanker uniform to Rebel/BH Carryall Backpack (Black) More benches in Athira. Infamy to Drug Runner and crank/moonshine. AFD Federal Event dispatches. AFD clothing: Carrier Lite (Black) Carrier GL Rig (Black) Changed: Price adjustments: Ifrit base price: $135.000 -> $120.000 PCP Pills: $950 -> $1.000 Purified PCP Sheets: $1.250 -> $1.350 Save loadouts with same name. Different SWAT count calculation. Respawn always available after 30 seconds. Jewelry escape vehicle despawns after 15 minutes. Shipping Robbery truck has 5 minutes to leave the area, otherwise the vehicle gets blown up. Infamy calculation for processing items. Infamy earned by crafting is now only for the Black Market. Factory showing wrong cash value. Crafting recipe changed for: Hatchback, Offroad, SUV, Hatchback (Sport), Van, Box Truck. APD prestige perk costs - Decreased Warrant slot costs, decreased Mobile HQ cost. UC Default loadout Flash Bangs 2 -> 1 Added more vests to randomized vest pool. Admin gifts, etc will no longer drop on death. UFO Spawns in the evening instead of night. Locked crate timer 15 -> 10 minutes Some performance optimizations. Fixed: Domination: Captures not updating. Tilde for your own group. Prevent pulling offroad (Armed) from gang garage. Shipping Robbery missing 25% NPC. Cartel Event not getting cleaned up when its not capped. Remove weapons after release from prison. Gendarmerie vest not being seized. An error in the tutorial for new players. Possible dupe during a seize. BH stacking robbery charges when robbing someone for 0 dollars. Chief of Police not receiving prestige. Not earning Infamy from LSD. Medic quest "FDNY" changed to lifetime quest. "Making Bank" quest item rewards. Prevent suicide vest detonating in air. Issue with BH split amount and honor talents. An error in the Mental Asylum. Removed: Some unused map objects. Christmas billboard image from pool. Older Asylum Plus skins: Ifrit - Deep Sea Ifrit - Rock'd Orca - Rock'd Qilin - Pumpkin Qilin - Altis Armour Hotfix #1 Added message for invalid loadouts. Fixed players with temporary keys (keychain) to be given out to others. Fixed players in Passive Mode not being able to buy some items. Fixed Aircraft Carrier spawnpoints Fixed Gang Fortress hud text. Infamy calculation for some items. You can no longer use the Asylum Exchange some minutes before restart. Asylum Exchange exploit. Evidence Locker cooldown: 15 -> 30 minutes Hotfix #2 Gang Fortress/Boat start times -1 hour. Added respawn, car spawn and rebel safezones for Gang Boat. Fixed helicopter spawning at Gang Boat. Fixed Cartel Event not paying out money in some rare cases. Fixed Alcatraz lifetime quest. Changed message about lead and storing uranium. Passive Mode prevent escorting, etc.
  18. ObiWoki


    Cop zipties don't wear off after 10 minutes either way, only when they go out of a x range. Because of the fact that they have different restrainment time rules
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