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  1. We will not be adding prostitution to asylum
  2. I just got this in my youtube feed, I guess they are trying to tell me something p.s. looking into refining this to fit exactly into asylum with @Patato.
  3. Due to balancing issues this will not be happening
  4. We will discuss this internally
  5. We have other plans for the mobile HQ, please resuggest after those changes. Anyway It's supposed to be an end level grind.
  6. We will not be adjusting the range of processors they are set to a boundary for a reason and are intended to give the right amount of cover for the difficulty of the drug / item you are bound to process
  7. Discussed internally, we are in favor of moving the fight to the land but the current boat location is going to stick. Would like to see some capture point ideas pointed underneath that are near the boat.
  8. ObiWoki


  9. ObiWoki

    Viper Uniform?

    We will not be adding this due to their armor values
  10. ObiWoki

    new gun

    We will be adding this to random events, (airdrops/UFO/plane ect) for now to test how it will be in the game
  11. Sofia is a starter town and will stay a starter town. Therefor no additions will be done to the city and its region for now
  12. Moved to altis life discussion - This is not a development related suggestion
  13. Thats arma for yall nothing we can do about that. We used to nerf it but we removed that 5 updates ago so its just the base game rpg thats so shit
  14. ObiWoki


    There is a really big difference for leroy to have the oppertunity to spend 500 million (his years work) on a single vehicle compared to adding a ghosthawk anyone can buy after 2 hours of playing. Its also still a no The rest we will discuss internally
  15. We can add a display, and a spawn point to the gang boat. for the rest camping is fine deal with it can happen at any rebel and the moving around capture point will not have a garage
  16. Car95 drum for rebels seems fair we don't want BH's running around with drums, For the spar 16 drum still no
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