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  1. Hotfix #1: Horn `it was at this moment` not returning any sound Shattered skin not showing Trippy skin not showing PURPLEEATER skin not showing Fixed crate vengeance to actually work The sanit An issue with admins and skins Pyrgos stash house sending a message `The athira stash house is under attack` @Ronald litteraly unplayable We are aware and working on fixing the following issues: Casino tables in athira don't work at all, "You cannot join this table yet, wait for the next game!" no mater how long you wait, Roulette you just can't place bets Granit's `god of war` missing in the rebel shop If you do find more bugs please post them in the bugs section on the forums
  2. Just visuals tho, and range on group chat. No such thing as channels and frequencies
  3. Fitz can't spell LOLLLLL
  4. first, great work bud
  5. Please read our f.a.q. before posting
  6. Our beloved contributor @Fitz has made a patch of his own Found a bug? Click here to file a bug report! Got some development ideas? Click here! Added: APD National HQ Robbery With the influx of terrorism on the island the APD Chief of Police has authorized the construction of a new national APD HQ to coordinate operations from. Unfortunately, due to the lack of labor, the APD is forced to utilize an unfinished building, there is valuable intelligence inside, but the APD does not have clearance to operate from the compound yet. The compound located Southeast of Kavala is sprawling, however the main offices are protected by an electric fence and AA system. Requires 8 officers online to start, 11 officers online to access Prestige Vault. Several items are required to breach the compound, each set of security is disabled in a different way. Each step takes 5 minutes to complete, except for the Prestige Vault which takes 7.5 minutes. You do not need to open the vault in-order to complete the event Once the rebels have accessed the garage compound via the backdoor of Building 2, a flatbed will spawn in the garage outside full of APD intelligence. Ivan loves some APD intelligence, sell the hard drives at Ivan’s Gas Mart for a nice profit. Items needed for each step (See PC Parts below, not consumed during use) Gate (Ryzen 5950X) Building 1 (RTX 3090 Ti) B1 Roof (3000W PSU) Building 2 (ASUS Dark Hero Mobo) Garage Compound/Backdoor (64GB DDR 4 Ram) **Where the loot spawns Prestige Vault (Gaming Asylum Console) **No $$$ in here Prestige System There is now an optional prestige system on the island, where very wealthy citizens can invest their hard-earned cash into unlocking additional buffs, weapons, and skills. Each tier costs $3,000,000 to unlock. You prestige by unlocking the Prestige Vault during an APD National HQ robbery. Once inside the vault there is an NPC which will allow you to buy a prestige token. This is an un-droppable item. You then sell the token to the Intel Dealer at Ivans Gas Mart, which will activate a hidden achievement and should notify you that you have achieved “Prestige Tier X” Tiers and buffs are stackable, more tiers/buffs for current tiers will be added in the future. Many of these weapons are being deployed on S2 to test for viability before we explore adding them to S1. Tier 1 Rewards: CMR-76 Rifle S1/S2 (Civ & Cop CPL+ UC) Katiba GL (Smokes) S1/S2 MX GL (Smokes) S1/S2 TRG GL (Smokes) S1/S2 Fish sell for 9% more Raw timber sells for 2% more Marijuana sells for 2% more Heroin sells for 2% more Tier 2 Rewards: Zafir S2 (For now, Zafir access on S1 will change to this format in the near future) RPG-42 S1 Spar-16s S2 (for now) Four-5 S1/S2 Cocaine sells for 2% more Uranium sells for 2% more Oysters sell for 4% more Tier 3 Rewards: M320 LRR S2 Mar-10 S2 Lynx S2 Diamonds sell for 2% more Excavation Items sell for 2% more Purification items sell for 2% more Tier 4 Rewards: SPMG S2 Navid S2 All previous items get a 5% sale increase Honey A beekeeper has moved into a free plot of land where the Mental Asylum used to reside north of Kavala. He has opened his business to all who wish to gather his pollinator friends. Buy a Queen bee from the Bee Keeper at the Apiary With the Queen in your net, run around the Apiary and worker bees will flock to protect the Queen. If you stop running, they will sting you, and you will have to run out of the Apiary to distract them. Bring the Worker Bees to the Organic Processor by Lakka, where another Bee Keeper will use trade you your bees for Honeycomb. Honeycomb can be sold to the market. You can process honeycomb, barley, and water, into Mead at the Spirit Distillery, mead can be sold at Wong’s You can process mead into Aged Mead at the Purification Factory, aged mead is sold at Wong’s. Furniture Crafting You can now bring wood planks and hides to the Carpenter Shop, and make furniture units. The carpenter can help you make legal furniture. However, times are tough, if you do not give him exact ingredients, he will keep the excess wood to use in his shop. An evil carpenter has moved into the Black-Market compound, he merged with the Jewelry Fabricator, to found an Illicit Fabricator, dedicated to turning illicit goods into new forms. New Recipes: Picnic Table- 2 Pine planks, 2 Olive Planks (Made at Carpenter) Dinner Chair- 2 Olive Planks 2 Hardwood Planks (Made at Carpenter) Sofa- 2 Hard Wood 2 Dried Wool (Made at Carpenter) Villains Chair -2 Olive planks, 2 Dried Goat Wool (Made at Illicit Fabricator) Cruella’s Bed- 2 Hardwood Planks, 2 Dried Shepard Skin (Made at Illegal Fabricator) Gathering trucks Lumber Truck (Tempest Ammo) Gathers trees with crazy speeds Gardening Truck (Offroad Services) Gathers Bushes (Barley/Corn/Rye) Hides · Hides are made by drying the meats from the Hunting Grounds at the Organic Processor, wools can be sold at the market, Shepard Skin is sold at Wong’s. PC Parts PC parts have been reintroduced, these items will be used to hack the APD National HQ, more uses may be introduced in the future. You craft a console at the Illicit Fabricator at Black Market Productions Locations: Mining -PC Cooler Metal Detecting -PC Case Excavation -RAM Federal Reserve -GPU Bank Robbery -Motherboard Gasmart -SSD & PSU Mental Asylum- CPU Console -Crafted at Illicit Fabricator Non-Content Additions: Markers for houses with shared keys APD LT+ have shotguns whilst UC Additional admin event functionality APD Ghost hawks can be reloaded by COP Wiki Billboard added to circulation Changed/Tweaked: Ivan and Hugo have upgraded their security Gasmart rewards is tied to # of cops online Antiquities Forges have red zones Craft-able jewels are now counterfeit and can be stored in houses Jewelry fabricator is now illicit fabricator Fixed: Bug regarding house exploits Bug regarding excavation exploits Bug regarding prison exploits Gasmart SWAT Notification is now accurate Removed: A bajillion unused icons and items Christmas time
  7. Sounds like a simple but solid plan imo. Ill look into it when i get back
  8. We will not be adding prostitution to asylum
  9. I just got this in my youtube feed, I guess they are trying to tell me something p.s. looking into refining this to fit exactly into asylum with @Patato.
  10. Due to balancing issues this will not be happening
  11. ObiWoki

    Weapon Sway

    We will discuss this internally
  12. We have other plans for the mobile HQ, please resuggest after those changes. Anyway It's supposed to be an end level grind.
  13. We will not be adjusting the range of processors they are set to a boundary for a reason and are intended to give the right amount of cover for the difficulty of the drug / item you are bound to process
  14. Discussed internally, we are in favor of moving the fight to the land but the current boat location is going to stick. Would like to see some capture point ideas pointed underneath that are near the boat.
  15. ObiWoki

    Viper Uniform?

    We will not be adding this due to their armor values
  16. ObiWoki

    new gun

    We will be adding this to random events, (airdrops/UFO/plane ect) for now to test how it will be in the game
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