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  1. Maybe if you did something else than the only fortress event i'd care enough to listen to you
  2. Nobody asked about your opinion tho
  3. I agree with Dillon, can we please keep this a child safe environment otherwise we need to ask Envy to leave
  4. I am sorry I am hunting deer in the deerstand
  5. I made a painting of you Mitch what do you think about my skills? Am I hired?
  6. Cause you forced me to comment here it is 'sheesh'
  7. Managed to salvage this from the sting operation rest of it is unfortunatly gone:
  8. I gotta admit this was one of the best busts i'f probably done on asylum so far. Unfortunatly my recording software corrupted my files so i am working on recovering bits from this hope to get a video out soon somehow. Thank you also for putting full trust in taking me on your run to sell the turtle's even though it might have been a sting operation all along I think we all had a great laugh afterwards
  9. Can you please activate windows
  10. What about we remove cops in general, if we can just pay our half bounty's at courthouse we can do target practice on someone else right?
  11. Gotta agree with richard on this one
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