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  1. fixed in next patch, for future reference please make a bug report or we might miss your feedback
  2. If caps are suggested and well liked I am all for adding them to the game. Thing is everyone just says change cap but doesn't give ideas
  3. Hotfix #2 Weather changes More frequent weather updates Less rain Added cocoa trees to coke field Removed obsolete files T key can now open the NPC shop menu's A fix for sea turtles not spawning A potential fix for sidechat disappearing on death KOS warning in illegal red zones A fix for a script error when joining the server A fix for gang fort not popping at all Product taxes to wong's for scotch like products
  4. True it pops 2 hours later lmao my bad already fixed in next hotfix. Never trust the first reference you see when you google UTC to CT and it says 7 hours behind -.-
  5. send files on discord, thanks
  6. ObiWoki


    This is not a suggestion just a complaint, come with real arguments and we can look into it.
  7. The suitcase issue is a known problem for us, unfortunatly its not as easy as Luke mentions to just 'disable collision' with the object that also works when people join in progress when the suitcase is already there, i'll take a peek into what I can do to solve this issue.
  8. Hi William, as much as i'd like to remove the cooldown entirely it isn't as easy as expected. Every war eventually sends out a database call and therefor it wouldn't be wise for those to be spammed
  9. ObiWoki

    Cartel payouts

    Thanks for the suggestion With the removal of passive money we hope that the cartels will spike up again in payouts and we will be closely monitoring this and adjusting where needed
  10. Never knew this was a thing (some people won't be happy with you xD) we will change it
  11. Interested in what the community thinks, adding a poll I don't have permission to add a poll nevermind
  12. Hi there, first of all thank you and everyone else who has been supportive of us before the great reset V2 brought us. As much as we'd like to add you to OG or Veteran for playing pre V2 in 2015 - 2016 there's no way for us to proof that you were playing pre V2 besides the asylum forums account which is not linked to our game database. Therefor the data we have only shows from 2019 and up and i'll have to unfortunatly deny it due to the fact that we just cannot implement this
  13. We like the idea of having 2 hours per house. Meaning if you have 5 houses you need to play a minimum of 10 hours a month. Personally think this is a reasonable amount but the biggest concern with us comes down to someone getting grounded or leaving the country for vacation for a month and then not having their houses because they had to play 10 hours. We feel like this shouldn't be the case and are searching for a solution to this problem. If the community has any idea's feel free to pass it down
  14. I am not all for adding new cartels as I do barely see the current cartels being fought and prefer to keep it to the current amount we have to improve the chances of fights. If you ( or anyone else ) has idea's for new cartel designs we are open for suggestions
  15. At the end of the day wiping housing alone will not do anything for the benefit of asylum besides of us being able to change the cap of houses. It will just end up in the first people joining the server getting the best houses
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