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****APD Policy Update 10/29/2023****

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Effective Immediately

Casino Policy

The Casino will be off limits for on-duty APD officers. However, officers are allowed to go to Casino with legitimate reason, such as: 

  • Active Visual Pursuit

  • Rescue a kidnapped officer

Once officers arrive at the casino they may only retrieve the suspects involved. They may not restrain anyone else at the casino, you may only apprehend the suspects involved in the active visual pursuit and the suspects involved in the kidnapping.  

Changed charges

  • Possession of Reggie Weed -> Possession of Cannabis/Marijuana
  • Disobeying an officer - $500 -> $1000 (Still warn, ticket and jail for 3rd offense.)

These charges are now must charge if observed due to increased ticket price

  • Discharge within city limits - $500 -> $2000
  • Landing within city limits - $500 ->$2000
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