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  1. Leave my Exchange the hell alone, its easy to use and thats my money maker damnit
  2. Wowzer man +1 big guy
  3. The wonders of Primes Ear-raping discord
  4. The best money per hour and infamy per hour farm on the servers. You’re all welcome.
  5. Sorry been sleeping 24/7, on that note good night
  6. Just perm him already so we can go back to Rust, thank you.
  7. Imagine montaging me TURNING on you
  8. Thanks for considering Prime during your hunt for a new gang, your application will be reviewed by Tiger in 4-6 business days when the Rust wipes starts to die down. Thank you and have a good day!
  9. Oh well hello there Jesse, nice to see ya. Hope ya do some QUALITY work here my guy!
  10. When Moderators come to Peters aid and delete my comments and tell me to "Dial it Back", fucking golden
  11. A gang where you sucked the living shit out of our cocks on a daily basis you fucking wannabe. Keep flexing your "friends" who aren't even of Legal Age.
  12. Keep releasing "Updates" that are donor only so you can keep filling your pockets and demolishing the server bud. Hows it feel to have to buy a server just to be relevant on it.
  13. I mean I can see a ton of people coming over to Asylum and OG Asylums going back here. Olympus is on the road to death with Peter as Owner and Jesse leaving as Dev, also if Asylum does do a big unban wave and relook at their 3rd party bans because some of them are fucking hilarious and down right incorrect.
  14. @DeadPool1337 Don't go and make yourself a meme on 2 servers now.
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