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  1. no one on this entire game thought you were cheating bud. You got banned at the same time as UC thats how we know
  2. Name them, because I bet you it will be laughable
  3. Log on olympus and get killed by cheaters that got a 2nd chance already too Noma shouldnt get unbanned shut up about that shit
  4. yes sitting there repairing a truck sounds like something every player in a gang wants to do. It gives me a lot of afk time to not do anything. Focus on making it better for everyone before expanding to other maps. No point expanding something no one plays to other maps
  5. When you bookin the plane tickets to fight tiger? I wanna watch
  6. You and your gang made all of your money from playing domination lmao. Besides that, what progress have you made that you will lose? The server should have been wiped when asylum got revived again. I still want it now though because it would bring back a nostalgic feeling I believe. Imagine working together with your gang again to make enough for some trucks to run drugs with. All the fighting over meth and shit sounds so much fun.
  7. Cant wait for people that has hyped this shit up for so long to mald over jets and tanks
  8. This retard drops 40 bombs on domination HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA Literally plays like he has parkinson
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