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  1. Yes I giggle like a bitch and yes my AK spray is not better
  2. Dont care, get @Ethan Darrell back
  3. Time to get donator 10 with all the sick skins!
  4. Some random funny clips from my first hours on rust and some arma clips shoutout to Aslan, Peter and Oskar for being retarded and Connor for being bipolar
  5. Am I the only one getting mad pop up ads?
  6. Forgot to mention pop ups?
  7. Ethan usually fills my bank account up when im low
  8. idk if you have another name in mind for this, but please dont go for "conquest" In my opinion you have the perfect opportunity to call it strife
  9. We have heard rumors about this conquest coming out "soon" for a little while now, and when we us as a community are curious and hyped about this new thing we are hit with a "dont tag us" by Jesse. The reason for this response according to the admin I was speaking to was because we are meant to ask the community managers about stuff like this, which is fair enough, but then again Jesse made the post asking if we wanted a conquest hence why people thought you had something to add. So then, @Mason @Leady can we get an update? It annoys me how @Mitch (IFRIT) has to take the hit for everyth
  10. @AzehThis wasnt anything towards you as I assume you get little to nothing from the money earned on the server
  11. I just get more and more disappointed with these changelogs. Its all to milk as much money out the community as possible now..
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