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  1. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Scott in ArE YoU NeW HeRe?   
    I love that people always think that the fact that you unrestrained them means that they're untouchable.
  2. Bandit liked a post in a topic by What zit tooya in ArE YoU NeW HeRe?   
    @Dust Runner
  3. Bandit liked a post in a topic by TheCrestedPenguin in New Rule For Bounty Hunters   
    Then don't solo cap?
    Your complaint is that you're not getting a "real fight" but if you're solo capping what in the ever loving world do you fucking expect to happen?
  4. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Wop in New Rule For Bounty Hunters   
    Bro stop you're killing me with these jokes
  5. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Hoodlum Priest in Prison break   
    People should only be able to do a prison break when someone with a high bounty, say $50k or so is actually being held in the prison.
    Guys are pulling prisons to get fights from the cops and many time no one is even in prison.
  6. Bandit liked a post in a topic by JoeDa in Role Play on the APD   
    DH and DS members rubbing their hands right now
    "if they don't give less than a half ticket for this "testing the security systems" story, I'm going straight to IA" 
  7. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Copa in DarkHorse Recruitment Thread   
    You're the same age
  8. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Dust Runner in Arma 3 Asylum Altis Life - Taylor Goldberg Explosive Montage   
    Why am I not in the credits? I've payed my fucking taxes.
  9. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Jake in Add decimal point for Tickets   
    Take your time to make sure you are giving correct tickets.... Give too big of a ticket? They will deny a 1.9m ticket, given the 190k ticket no harm no foul, give a 19k ticket you should have been paying attention.... Ultimately it's a Dev's call but I see no reason to spend time on this when there are other areas where time would be better spent
  10. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Mitch (IFRIT) in Remove Community Manager Role   
    Thanks @Batcan

  11. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Mitch (IFRIT) in Hmmmmmm   
    Hi Jim, let's dive into the things you have said here.
    First, bans are pretty lenient. But we hate when we give warning to someone, and they continue those actions. There are many people within this community who have yielded a warning given to them and are here to tell about it. 
    Regardless of why you are walking 2 km without the proper y inventory, it's ultimately  your responsibility to stay in-game within the rules. By your description of events, you through and through combat logged. Although I can empathize with why you had disconnected, it doesn't make it right. 
    I also want to say that sometimes we do dislike players more than others for they cause a rather large headache. But I can assure you that no one on the team bans anyone without evidence. We have never gone on anyone's word alone. Evidence must be submitted. So any ill feelings towards a individual cannot be used solely for a server rule ban. Either a violation occurred, or it did not. It's that simple.  
    Let's address the side-chat banter. I will agree that often, these basement dwelling pre-teen's tend to take it rather far when speaking without repercussion  Sadly this is a common theme across the internet. When a admin see's this type of behavior, typically we address it by telling them to take a break etc. I can think of a recent few cases where people have taken it too far, not yielded the warning and received a ban. The latter two statements there often happen where no one but the end user and the admin will see or hear of it. As often, people don't brag that they were told to take a break and relax. They tend to just revolt and get the memes and laughter from their friends. Then they make it worse by sending a tongue in cheek message to the admin to further look cool in-front of their friends. At the end of the day, we need your help to police the server. Without reports etc, our mission to keep it free and clear of rule violations is greatly hampered. By the looks of it, you've been the one on the receiving end of this war on drugs Rule violations. 
    I am not sure who you are speaking of when you say favored friends of admins, as often, our own admins ban their dumb ass friends when they do something stupid. It's firm, fair and consistent across the board. No where within our operation does a friendship weigh in on someone breaking the rules and being held accountable for it. If you break the rules, you are dealt with regardless of who you are. If the owner's of the server RDM'd someone in Kavala, I'd be faster to ban them than @DS_Billy is in my inbox when I ban a DS member. Now that's not saying the owners can't unban themselves and remove me from my position. But hey, die for the mission. 
    As far as the funny songs, or writing I will not RDM 100 times. This is a video game after-all. If we want to be creative with how we handle someone's ban, we are going to be creative. I don't think any admin here needs anyone's permission to do their job in a way they see fit within the guidelines. By the looks of it, you would have had a chance to be treated the same way when you had your first Rule violation. But, reading the notes on that one, it doesn't appear that your attitude would have allowed that to happen. At the end of the day, the responsibility and blame falls solely upon you. 
    Looks like you accusation of a admin not watching footage is completely baseless and a wild accusation. I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. While we are talking about reports, videos and time wasted. Let's look to see how much time you have soaked up of the staff.
    You have been banned a total of 11 times. That's a bit of time for you to require from staff.  And, i will add that some of these bans are shorter than what I would have done with that kind of history. Lucky you.
    I should also add that by the grace of god, you are not perm'd. I am not too sure how this has managed to happen. But winner winner chicken dinner. You are a winner!
    Your were told from early on that we didn't find your gang name to be appropriate. The other gang's and groups that you speak of have been addressed when we have been notified. But we don't have the time to monitor all names within the server. We need to be told about a issue for us to handle it 
    I don't believe you when you say "Mis gendered" someone. I don't think anyone here cares if you "mis gender" someone on accident. But looking at your history, it was a intended mistake and rose to the level of harassment. Again,  the responsibility and blame falls solely upon you. 
    I hope through this wall of text, your concerns have been answered allowing you to move on and enjoy your game-play. 
    In case you have lost or forgotten these. Please review. 
    For the rest of you. I know it's locked. But here is for you, my friend. 
  12. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Boris in RPG Poll   
  13. Bandit liked a post in a topic by ColtonB205 in Couple of Suggestions   
    I think you are comparing apples to oranges on this though. Here is what I mean:
    Cop gear is seperated by rank making it unequal to everything rebels can pull or have. On top of that rebels have the best equipment always availble (if they buy or craft it).  Rebels in almost every situation are fighting from tacitically advantagious positions. The banks, feds, and prisons are designed for the rebels to have the upper hand and cops having to assault those possitions. Cops are required to respond to these events when not engaged in other situations (active fire fight, kidnapping, etc.). So we need a way to allow for sustained fighting. Cops will trully get paid on a communist mentality. By this I mean that all cops in a 2K radious get a split of the payment. This causes issues when you reach some of the higher ranks of the APD when we are using equipment like the cop orca. We do not have a gang bank to compensate for losses it comes right out of our accounts. It is also rare to see other members helping pay for equipment. Rebels can chose when to fight. As a rebel most of your transportation time will be in the air by orca which is challenging to shoot down as a cop. The most common caliber of firearm availble to the cops is a 6.5 MX rifle. Cops as stated above do not have this same luxury as almost every rebel is equiped with a 7.62. I would say the phrasiology we use today in the APD may need to be re-examined on the "value your life" and other lines as I believe many have lost their meaning. This is only my evaluation as to why I state that the loadouts should reflect the balance of asylum. Feel free to agree or disagree with me, but this is what I stand by in saying cop loadouts should not mirror rebel pricing.
  14. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Bag Of Funyuns in Couple of Suggestions   
    I’ll save you some time and say no.
  15. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Dust Runner in My Asylum experience (POLL)   
    Where's my "Yes until the prison is actually balanced in any sense of the word." option?
    I think it's generally bad policy for RP but so is forcing cops to "fight" at the Prison. Fucking place is a joke in terms of balance. Not fun to fight on the cop side of things at all. Especially when the HQ gets camped, after my other officers got downed and kidnapped from Pyrgos, after I got killed from a shark watching the front gate with an SDAR.
    Terrible objective. I'd seriously consider it currently being considered an aim practice mini-game for rebels at this point. How ANYONE gets caught at the prison is beyond me. It takes pure luck, or perfect strategy, or 18 cops to stop like 7 people armed with common sense to stop one.
    So, "Yes until the prison is actually balanced in any sense of the word." is my vote.
    EDIT: I don't do this and I wouldn't encourage people to do it, but I refuse to complain or try and stop people from doing it until it's a policy or the prison isn't hopelessly one-sided.
  16. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Donald Clinton in Cop Kills D:   
    that last clip was insane
  17. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Reapered in Thoughts   
  18. Connor1959 liked a post in a topic by Bandit in APD Promotion System   
    Lack of disciplinary points and the ability to bullshit an application /= good officer  
  19. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Hanzo/Dirty Scrubz in Taking Coms and GPS of officers   
    That rule is dumb, I RP as robocop so I have to robocop everyone. Talk about ruining my immersion.
  20. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Dust Runner in Livonia Life: Proposal   
    Releasing a half asses product just for hype and to try and grab the attention of newcomers won't be worth the development time.
    Either go all the way or don't. Honestly right now talking about new maps is literally the last thing I would care about if I was a dev. I'd be more concerned with the "doubling down" on V2. Essentially staking the community on this one massive QoL and server health update. My mind would be on that alone before I think about developing a new map.
  21. Bandit liked a post in a topic by •ÐŠ• Randy in The prison system needs to be revamped!   
    Instead of 2k for being on the jury, make the bounty pay out between all jury members and have a 50-50 chance of paying out when found guilty or not guilty, so there is no incentive to vote a certain way
  22. Bandit liked a post in a topic by •ÐŠ• cHIP oTLE in The prison system needs to be revamped!   
    Only thing that needs changed with prison is pressing plates adjusting time rather than bail.  Which, I believe is in the works for V2?
  23. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Leady in The prison system needs to be revamped!   
    Holy wall of text batman.
  24. Bandit liked a post in a topic by Blake. in New job ideas   
  25. Bandit liked a post in a topic by ron the player in Pour one out....   
    credit: @McLovin'
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