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  1. Bandit

    El Camino

    Felt like one long episode more than a movie, but I still thought it was good.
  2. Nobody cares thag they are a 1 hit close up. What people care about is that they’re a 1 hit from 150 meters
  3. +1 Before V2, I would have disagreed with this. But after the last 24 hours I’ve realized how much more fun I’ve had without having to keep eyes on the civs around me. It allows a lot more trust between civs, which in turn leads to more fun experiences. Besides, BH were just legal rebels. I don’t have a problem with leaving downing guns in, but the sending to jail aspect needs to stay out.
  4. Believe it or not, studies have shown that donor rank and penis size are not directly related.
  5. It might not get used a lot, but there is no reason to not have it
  6. Red Rising trilogy was pretty good
  7. All cop cars are teslas
  8. Cops get shit like this just as often, if not more
  9. Lol for real though, you have a simple solution to your problem, you just don’t like it. If you use an MX only for events, there is no way you don’t at least break even.
  10. If it’s that big of a problem, splurge a bit and spend a whopping 2.5k on an MX.
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