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  1. Would be cool for the houses to be "rentable" for a week or something, with you not being able to rent the same house two times in a row. Would make it so people wouldn't lose too much when the server is down, while still giving people the ability to do meth/scotch. Would also help circulate the market so newer players aren't completely locked out.
  2. you had the perfect opportunity to use COVID19... and you didn't
  3. Have you considering quarantining all Asians to Sofia?
  4. it's "light rp" in the sense that you aren't forced to roleplay. If you want to play medic or cop, the two rp factions, you are agreeing to their rules
  5. Give me prestige for impounding offroads and we can talk
  6. Bandit

    RIP Lorax

    Guess I'll never know what coptage 3 would've looked like
  7. You do realize it’s not supposed to be easy, right? You can either do the ways I listed above (time consuming, but safe) or you can just do it while armed (fast, but dangerous). The place is illegal for a reason, it provides very good money. If you want fast but safe, go pick apples.
  8. 1) bait them by intentionally pinging, then waiting till they leave 2) wait for 20 minutes, or until they come, then start when they leave 3) do it anyways, kill the first wave, hide 500m out, wait till they come check, start again when they leave 4) don’t be a pussy and just kill them twice
  9. It takes 10-15 minutes to fill a van. If you play it smart, you shouldn’t ever run into cops
  10. Didn’t that game die in 2016
  11. Everybody knows that the only reason Rod got 2nd LT is because the APD needs him to have an MK
  12. Something must be wrong. I don't see @Bag Of Funyuns up there
  13. Medics and cops both appear on the wanted list, and you can't talk while repairing a vehicle.
  14. Working as intended. When @Samperinosaid he was wiping prestige, he meant constantly. Gives us something to work for
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