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  1. All stats are since the release of V2
  2. How is it making it easier for the APD? It wouldn’t take much longer than softlogging and it removes the chance of losing your slot. It would be a QoL fix, not a gameplay one.
  3. Thank you, very cool!
  4. It’s not his fault he’s not allowed to play on school nights
  5. You forgot to tell him to neck
  6. I'd say common sense dictates that a house unlocked by a paramedic is different a normal, unlocked house
  7. Bandit

    El Camino

    Felt like one long episode more than a movie, but I still thought it was good.
  8. Nobody cares thag they are a 1 hit close up. What people care about is that they’re a 1 hit from 150 meters
  9. Believe it or not, studies have shown that donor rank and penis size are not directly related.
  10. It might not get used a lot, but there is no reason to not have it
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