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  1. Guess I'm into cannibalism and necrophilia with the bodies of minors... k
  2. Unlike you, I don't value my worth by stuff that happens in a video game. I haven't accomplished anything because there is nothing to accomplish, because none of this matters. But hey, if you want to tell your grandkids about how a community of gaymers remembered you for your insufferable personality, you do you. I won't judge.
  3. Don't worry, I don't need to be an LT to know how much of a retard you are. You're a running joke in the APD.
  4. To be fair, I wouldn’t accept reports from you either
  5. Maybe this will last longer than the other post
  6. 1) Higher ups don’t make policies, the captains do 2) I’ve seen people get in trouble for some stupid shit, and still not get removed. If someone gets blacklisted, it was either from blatant corruption or they had been given plenty of chances and weren’t making the cut
  7. Only captains get to keep their rank, everyone else gets perm corporal (with a few exceptions)
  8. That's why it was removed... no rp but the payout of an arrest
  9. There should be a timer on federal events
  10. Give me survival games or I riot
  11. Like Randy said, you're not going to be in there just chilling. If you're within the walls, the only reason you wouldn't have been searched is because of some bullshit semantics, and this closes that loophole.
  12. aren't they on like 8 different guys now?
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