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  1. What do you mean making? All they have to do is stick Tanoa back in for Strife's place for a month and see how it does. There is no harm in it. To me its seems like you guys would rather have a empty Strife server which no one likes than a Tanoa server which atleast half of the community likes.
  2. You people act like Tanoa was big for 2 weeks... Are you guys fucking mad??? The first 4 months of its release had a full 110 players mid day, every day and provided the Tanoa community with the best fucking gang battles Asylum has seen. Tanoa was the perfect map for roleplay due to its size not being a bare wasteland like Altis, with no human contact for hours of driving around the place. The main island along with the 2 neighboring islands Katkoula and Ljnhaven made for an enjoyable role play vibe to where gangs could take each separate island as theirs. These moments on Tanoa were literally the only times on Asylum that I actually felt like it was a roleplay server, not a hands up or die server.
  3. Holy shit, I am about to tie a rope around my cock and hang myself from a fucking tree. What the fuck makes you believe tanoa was more of a money making server than altis regarding cocaine? (Im assuming coke). Are you fucking stupid and have you not realized that Cocaine takes an extra step on Tanoa and is often camped by cops. Also, Tanoa is like 5x smaller than Altis so the 110 players on Tanoa are all much closer together making a higher chance of running into eachother during runs, ect. On Altis, hop on at 6am and its a money making machine! Shit guys, I really think we should get rid of altis and just do away with all the life servers because Altis is wayy too much of a money farm. Ffs, Tanoa is totally easier to make money on when there is 110 players online a small map then 4 altis servers with 70 players each. Makes a lot of fucking sense buddy. How about instead of boycotting tanoa you fucking realize and see what a good portion of the community wants. Meth and Cocaine is just as easy on Altis if not twice as easy than on tanoa end of discussion.
  4. All you need to have is Arma 3 and it is open to everyone! (You buy arma 3 on steam if you didn't know :P) Enjoy the servers, but make sure you read the rules before you begin playing:
  5. Tanoa
  6. The owners of asylum for taking away Tanoa for Strife
  7. Due to the past month being the most boring asylum has ever been, I see that it is time to quit asylum and join a server that supplies me with Malden or Tanoa (maps that do not leave me bored like Altis). It was fun playing on Tanoa the past year, and it really held the majority of my highlights of asylum. Sucks that I have to leave, but to save myself from Altis boredom, I kinda have to. I also dont really feel like getting permed again for a year haha.
  8. Now I know that it is 72 hours from the event, but what is stopping people from lying and saying an event that happened 2 weeks ago was only 3 days ago?
  9. Thats so true. People who dislike this post are people who obviously dont give a fuck about the community. With Tanoa atleast part of the community is pleased. With Strife no one is happy. ffs, idk whats so hard to get about this.
  10. Actually, I never once did cocaine because it was wayyy to hard on Tanoa. On Altis you can go on at 3am where the small population of players is spread throughout the 4 servers and make cocaine while only worrying about the other 2 or 3 people on the server. And no, I am not money hungry. If you have ever played Tanoa 5 you would know that most people played because it was 10x less aids than altis servers... Wanna know why it was less AIDS? - because all of the trolls and rule breakers are not going to pay another 35$ just to get banned.
  11. Care to explain why Tanoa had 100 players on 12 hours a day during all of last summer, christmas time and other holiday times? It still beats strife that has 0 players on it. I mean does it really bother you that much to have a server that atleast has people happy? Also, if anything Tanoa was harder to do coke on because it was a smaller map with more players. There was also a hill at the coke field that you could easily snipe from. Coke is easier on Altis because on altis its an open field around it meaning you can see your enemies. Tbh Coke can be easy on any map if you have a large enough gang.
  12. Ikr, I wish they would just give it a try atleast. Replace Strife with the script for Tanoa for a week or 2 and if it does not do good, take it down.
  13. @Brendon Smith
  14. This is not King of the Hill, if it was, then there would be nothing other than rebel outpost, and the 4 cartels.
  15. Yes, I can see how that can be annoying, but you have to understand that the server is not always about cartels... Some people like to be able to get from 1 side of the map to the other without driving for 45 mins or flying for 10