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  1. my penis is huge
  2. I dont really see the point of perm bans to be honest. If an admin dislikes you, when you have a perm ban ur fucked. I would much prefer max of 2 week bans. After 2 weeks you will have some time to think about your mistake and if you want to come back and break another rule you will get yourself another 2 week ban.
  3. Just imagine, that would be insane. Maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself tho...
  4. Now I see why this server is dead. I was using tanoa as an example to why the server is dead. There were a lot of people who moved to Olympus because of the neglect devs gave players.
  5. Well your dumbass obviously didn't play it the summer it came out...
  6. It's just too bad y'all didn't listen to the hundreds of people who wanted tanoa back in June. I want the devs to know that you guys did this to yourselves. I hope you enjoyed ruining the servers that thousands of people once enjoyed and loved. Was it really that hard to give tanoa a try for a week like you did countless times with shitty strife? All we wanted was a chance here. A chance to get back a map that would have easily exceeded 100 players frequently over the summer. But you just had to shit all over us.
  7. No one plays these shit servers anymore, so no ty
  8. fite me 1 on 1 unturned fuck boi.
  9. U talking shit about my boy? Ima fucking hunt you down and take a massive dookie on your doorstep fucking dundlefuck.
  10. I did do it to a friend lol. Someone saw me doing it and reported me. Tried to explain it to an admin and they said i was bsing lol.
  11. I love how I got permed for exploiting when I did this back in the day... Nice to see rules only apply to what I do.
  12. I wish there was some way u could buy crate keys with asylum cash. I got so much asylum cash that there is nothing to really do with it and I want dem pilot coveralls. Then again tho, it really wouldnt make sense as keys are supposed to act as a server donation. And asylum cash has no real $ value to devs.
  13. money aint ever free
  14. yeah, exactly. It is fucking shitty. It sucks for people like me who enjoy making money, not necessarily going on spending sprees with it. Essentially, the long hours i spend making the money gets cut severely.
  15. What you are saying makes no sense. You said that with 75% tax you keep 7.5mil/10mil you take out. Tax means they are taking the money, so with 75% tax I would keep 2.5mil if I were to withdraw out 10 mil. That is what is absolutely bullshit.