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  1. I've got all the code done for this and I have actually tested it in a dedicated multiplayer environment. AND/OR I know there are NPCs which could cause lag, but maybe they could just be static NPCs that way they don't cause lag. Or if there is anything else that can be done to this so that it can be implemented cause I think the concept is a cool idea to involve all factions in one event.
  2. That or send a notification with more information to the person's MyAsylum page and on the in-game ban message just put "my.gaming-asylum.com 4 ban info" if that isn't too long or even just "Go To MyAsylum". But the current ban message may be for auditing purposes or for keeping track of what all that person is banned for. I'm not 100% sure on any of that.
  3. I suggested a random vehicle crash event where the vehicles could have drugs, guns, gear, etc which could be looted and fought over. The event could be done by every faction to make money and/or add a dynamic combat situation or even dynamic role-play situation but it was rejected because it had too many npcs (most was 4 npcs) which would cause lag.
  4. And me and the bois struggle to get top 50. You doing any tutorials on how to get gud?
  5. Flipping cars to destroy them or anything aside for getting them unstuck wouldn't be VDM. It would be an exploit. If its obvious someone flipped one of your vehicles to destroy it then I would say admins would comp you as long as you have proof. When it comes to banning you have to be able to prove the person that actually flipped it which could be a bit more difficult.
  6. I can't violate peoples rights as much anymore :"(. We can't take people to jail unless absolutely necessary and it makes me sad.
  7. Where the invite at? And look at Marzoh being all cute as Cubfan
  8. And why is it not a multiple choice select poll?
  9. Meanwhile I'm over hear sad that I got removed from contributor cause I'm a dumbass that don't know sqf :"(
  10. Well, people can turn the power off without it technically being a robbery. There ain't no signs saying people can't be there and that they can't turn the power off.
  11. According to the written laws of the land it is not unlawful for anyone to rob the evidence lockup. Any officer that charges your for doing so is violating your rights. If you are a victim of this corrupt government please contact me about representing you in the class action lawsuit against the corrupt government. BUT, if you are in possession of the illegal stuff after doing so then that is a different case.
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