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  1. Animations are a bitch to deal with but I feel I've gotten a fairly good grasp on then from spending countless and agonizing hours messing with them.
  2. You're asking for some great responses with that haha
  3. Even better suggestion. We remove cops and medics all together, put some like capture point things on the map and just fight over them and that's all.... Wait. That's king of the hill. That already exists if I just want to shoot shit all day.
  4. I love when people bring up this argument. You realize there are multiple gangs/groups on at once right? So it's not 8 v 20 or whatever. Yeah maybe for a short bit at a fed event (which is defend for rebels giving them advantage) but it's really 8 + 6 + 9 + 3 + 5 + and so on v 20 for cops overall especially when multiple fed events are going on at once.
  5. Destrah

    IRL Droning

    Henry, I have bad news. I think you may be color blind. Haha they do kinda look orange-ish in the video but they're blue and red.
  6. Destrah

    IRL Droning

    You're the best TEN I SEE
  7. Destrah

    IRL Droning

    Haha every time I got the drone out I was worried my sgt would roll up and be like "da hell you doing".
  8. Destrah

    IRL Droning

    I thought it was. I love this drone. DJI Mavic Mini if anyone is wondering. Hella worth the price.
  9. Destrah

    IRL Droning

    bunch of dirty pigs Just look at them oinking around each other down there:
  10. Destrah

    IRL Droning

    Yuhhhhh... living the dream
  11. This shit takes me back to the days when Halo 2 (best game ever) came out. If I wasn't in school I was playing Halo.
  12. **UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE** For everyone's and especially EMS Personnel and Patients there has been added a emergency vehicle lane to the front of the Kavala Hospital. Any unauthorized vehicles in that lane will be dealt with accordingly. Thanks for being safe, -AFD EMT Destrah
  13. @Mitch (IFRIT) can one of the things you do is sweet talk the devs into adding back the police lights I worked on?
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