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  1. oddly enough Identify is the least embarrassing game out of the 4
  2. Arma 3 Invade and Annex or Strife
  3. I still do that late at night when nobodies online. The car wrestling events I hold in Kavala are exactly why I have no money.
  4. from another thread hello
  5. [this,["Teleport Action",{_this setPos getMarkerPos "marker_nimitz"}]] remoteExec ["addAction",0,true];
  6. We had a certain admin in RoguePilots gang teleporting away from the cops while being processed and continually spawning in fully geared rebels to try to kill the cops because they were salty they got caught.
  7. bruh it took me 4 hours just to drive to the northwest corner of the map. i was checking sheds that were literally 10k from the nearest area of interest
  8. bruh there are no sheds anywhere on the island for sale i spent 9 hours one night going to every shed i could find with no luck
  9. @killer11 kidnapped all the cops online and forced us to play the lottery
  10. unless i'm on in my helicopter spotting everything across the map
  11. just do uranium. only cpls + can go to uranium and they rarely check it. if you do hatchback runs of uranium it's 14k every 4-5 minutes.
  12. just get armored vehicles 4head just sit in the armored vehicles and let them drive away 4head
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