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  1. hello good sir. what settings do you use? dpi? fov? sensitivity? gaming chair? shampoo?
  2. your scroll wheel randomly gets disabled on medic. you can't get any scroll wheel options and you can't even zoom out on the map
  3. 10k followers some of the tracks i've produced have 500k+ on youtube obviously doing something right
  4. it's always been one big group, even when nobody was doing feds.
  5. It's almost as if people in the APD leak things to their friends about the APD works.
  6. can confirm. kavala rats are loyal as fuck. there was a guy rdming so we formed one big gang and we took up arms.
  7. Was 2 at the time I think, but the cops definitely did not band together to fight back against the shit rebels were pulling. Cops didn't even want to play because it was just a 24/7 base camping shit show. It got so bad at one point that they had to threaten to shut down the servers (think they actually did shut down S2 for a couple hours) because of the constant HQ attacks.
  8. Those days were fucking cancerous for the server.
  9. The cops being a mega-gang has only been an issue for the past year or so. Before that, you had massive gangs constantly fucking with the APD 24/7. 30 rebels attacking HQs with 4 cops online, remember when FSA and Brotherhood would make one mega server-wide gang to attack all the HQs at once so cops couldn't even leave spawn? Fun times.
  10. i've said it before, cops need to redeploy in waves to allow rebels a chance to disengage. 10 cops get wiped at the bank? wait in HQ until everyone dies and then push as a team. this allows the APD a better chance at defending and it allows the rebels a better chance of escaping
  11. bit ironic considering you don't know your vs you're
  12. get rid of it, limit group size. FORCE PEOPLE TO SPREAD THE FUCK OUT. the issue isn't 20 cops online. the issue is of those 20 cops, 18 of them are in one big group trying to circlejerk each other for promotions.
  13. shouldnt be hard to code tbh but i'm not experienced with the shithole that is sqf
  14. I think it shouldn't be fully removed, but a weighted chance. ie ; if you have 10 people on the server and you have a guy you're obviously not gonna get, you can drop him and the other 9 bounties have a higher chance of being assigned
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