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  1. what the fuck was this retard pilot doing 1) Why are you flying below 200m without a gunner? There's literally no point 2) Why are you pointing your cockpit at the guy with the big gun? You're a monkey 3) You do know that you can safely observe someone in a vehicle from fucking 600-700m in the air and the chances of you being shot down are literally fucking 0, right?
  2. my 20 different personalities would boost the player count like none other
  3. I'm on more medications than Asylum has players. Don't @ me
  4. really wish i wasnt on mod queue so i could post what i feel about u and not have it deleted
  5. mate there's more captains than active players LMAO
  6. not nice to talk about samperino like that mate
  7. great the browns still suck i fucking hate my life i want to kill myself
  8. baker mayfield is my daddy
  9. doubtful i'm already bored and wanna kms
  10. today i played asylum i unflipped a quad on a cop, stole his quad bike, chopped it, and logged off today was fun
  11. at least admins are active now once upon a time i got perm banned by a fat white knight who went afk for months at a time and no other admins could make a decision because of shitty rules
  12. lets focus on getting the servers over 50 people first
  13. pretty sad when you can shoot down an orca and literally kill half the active player base
  14. "no no no guys it's not metagaming, we'll just say it's the skeleton rule" Fatty Slaughter has me fucking rolling. Remember the times she changed her name to some fucking pornstar while on the APD and was giving out virtual blowjobs in the shacks at Pygros HQ?
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