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  1. they don't. everyone likes to talk like they're 24/7 cartel warriors but the fact is the majority of them just camp rebel afraid to leave because they don't wanna spent 45 minutes in prison.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1470493486&searchtext= #MAKEASYLUMGREATAGAIN
  3. forums wouldnt be dead if they removed my mod queue
  4. Anything that gives people a reason to play. Medic, BH, any other new features. It's fine that Jesse is busy with his RL obligations, but there should still be some sort of communication between the administrative team and the player base. Maybe a bi-weekly "this is what we're working on" post?
  5. can we get an update on eta of new content?
  6. i come big kavala city with money but gun bang cops come and they say hey u have money i say yes money they dont understand they say i rob but i dont rob????????
  7. Do you like NLR - Yes more overpowered cops - At least the higher ups @ Olympus have half a brain cell. having to wait for a medic to revive you - Yes, makes fights more tactical instead of the constant zerg rush. Oh I get shot? No problem. I've got 15 people around me with defibs No weapon crafting - crafting is dead content
  8. It's what happens when you don't expect to live past 18 lmao
  9. i was never out of mod queue LOL people just keep approving my shit i'm not saying olympus is better. both servers are shitty and dying, arma 3 in general is shitty and dying
  10. yeah i was a dumby and linked the dynamic image. when i linked it there were 40 ppl
  11. Just make me admin @Clint Beastwood im already bitter and soulless. I'll find the IPs of the scripters/cheaters and send them surprises through the mail.
  12. I mean, that number is highly inflated due to the huge amount of servers that are for private use. A3 in general is dying, but stripping away content and then taking forever to rerelease it is expediting the death. Jesse was in a no-win situation, people were mad because of the servers crashing, so they had to rush out a bare bones V2 before it was ready and now people are mad because of the lack of content. Once the Life server is up to speed, they should really look into creating an Invade and Annex server. There's a huge gap in the market and the only somewhat decent server is constantly filled but ran by complete retards. Would give people something to do to chill and practice combat.
  13. +1 I like the Chinese. Despite their inability to understand or speak fluent English, the majority of them are better roleplayers 99.99% of the APD. I spoke with Hai Dao for like 30 minutes the other day using Google translate and it was fucking dope.
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