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  1. In Game Name: KIIAK Age: 18 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Nada Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Any previous Gangs: atleast 10 Hours: 4.5k Why do you want to join: I want to join cause im tired of getting mopped up by other gangs as a solo
  2. More recent, some of the older players made a new one
  3. In Game Name: KIIAK Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): 3.5k https://gyazo.com/456d776869c59b623347c07fa3a86310 https://gyazo.com/cb7f87fbceddaaa081cedb4048b62a4c 3.5k under 2 accounts can prove if needed Previous gangs: Bad blood, One new Enemy, Various other gangs Previous bans, be specific: RDM, Police Message Abuse Why do you want to be on BLS?: got a couple of old friends in the gang, I have not played Arma for about 2 months so i'm trying to get back into the game. Im a solid pilot and a solid shot
  4. Yea I was wondering why the giant just looked at her for a solid 2 minutes, she should have stayed in the crypts
  5. KIIAK

    Medic OverHaul Plan

    Yea this is just a idea everything is able to be changed lol
  6. Asylum Emergency Medical Services General Information Medic Player slots increased to 10 (3 Volunteer Medics)(7 Whitelisted Medics) Changes Remove The 1.5k Reward that is given for Civs reviving other Civs ( But continue to allow civs to revive) Increase the timer after being revived by an unprofessional to 2 minutes, Increasing Sway and shaking General Rules You need to be polite to all factions on the server, including other Medics Medics should try not to interfere with the Police affairs unless instructed otherwise Medics should try to spread out evenly across the map, to help as many people as possible When Responding to Medic Request inside a city Sirens must be used Medics CAN BUT DO NOT HAVE TO give rides to civilians as a taxi service. Medics are not required to respond to all calls but are strongly recommended to do so Before Reviving players in Illegal areas where police are present you are REQUIRED to check with the officer before starting the revive All Medics MUST be on teamspeak, and in the correct channel. All Medics must follow the Chain of Command (Volunteer, Paramedic Combat Paramedic) Progression System Ranking Volunteer Medic - (Unwhitelisted Restricted to the Medic Off Road and SUV) 1.5k per revive with a paycheck of 150$ every five minutes earning 1800$ per hour for newer players trying to earn some quick cash Paramedic - ( Whitelisted, Can use all vehicles listed below as well as Access to the Hummingbird helicopter, Van, Hatchback Sport) This is your everyday neighborhood paramedic meant for low-risk situations where civilians or cops need medical attention, Paramedics receive 1.5k per revive and a 500$ paycheck every five minutes earning 6000$ per hour Combat Paramedic - ( Whitelisted, Access to all the vehicles listed below as well as a Special Medic Plate Carrier along with access to a Medic Strider) Once this rank is achieved the Combat paramedic is able to save lives in the thick of combat and is even able to take shots and keep going earning 1.5k per revive but with an increased paycheck of 833$ per 5 mins earning 10,000$ per hour Here is a Sort of a Plan or a Starting point for the Whitelisted Medic System I Proposed a plan similar to this but The previous owners were not interested in a Whitelisted Medic system but after seeing Leady's announcement I figured I would give it another shot. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood @Leady @Mitch (IFRIT)
  7. in every single one of these posts, you are bitching about how this update has done you wrong or saying how you fuck up kids, for one second put yourself in the shoes of someone else and think is it really worth it complaining about this there is no reason for the excessive hate
  8. is that fucking infinite crying about 10k
  9. the 40 is gone it just sold for 200 lol
  10. Server: S1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Houses House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 2 70k houses and 1 40k Location (Town/DP#): New Kavala Rebel Asking Price: for the 70k houses I am asking 900k each and the 40k I am asking 300k (All prices are negotiable and if one person is buying multiple houses I might make a good deal) Description: each house is 400m or less from rebel Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  11. You see Kitui has no problem with fed yesterday He opened a dome and took gold bars with him to rebel in a hummingbird @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  12. @Boris @Clint Beastwood can i still submit I'm editing the video rn its gonna be a banger im the RP god fuck @SharingWriter
  13. KIIAK


    It was better that way I felt Special XD
  14. KIIAK

    Change log 8.2.0

    Lmao I have Comcast lol I Get BE kicked 20 times a day
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