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  1. plss i get fucked by cops hard enough trying to do drugs. don't do this to me i have family to feed
  2. In game name: Jamal McGee Teamspeak name: Jamal Timezone: UTC - 4 Age: 18. I look 48 though. Arma 3 hours (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/96579162c858101963ef740054a4e9ba What members can vouch for you?: Uh Why should we accept you into Exposed Gaming?: Financially stable (2 mil). Big heart for my homies. I can help with gang related stuff like Banks and Cartels. The server you are most active on?: 2 Previous Gangs, you were in?: Tiny Penis Gang, KR Most active time for you(weekdays, nights, weekends, etc.): Weekdays : nights. Most weekends : all day.
  3. LOL funny how you say that cuz I was a cadet. Didn't bother getting constable. Thinking process is a bit slow? May I ask how? After all you're the dumbass that thinks "APD STOP" is initiation. *I'm bouta stop replying. Y'all LTs don't do anything to set an examples to other cops when a cop breaks a rule. Obv don't wanna improve the server either.
  4. I was talkin bout wookie's vid* but ye the amount of 20 iq kids they promote is a damn problem. Wouldn't have to make IA reports if they just tighten up their regulations.
  5. You guys are actually fucking delusional. Would you even punish the cops? The fact that you can't even realize the cadet broke a rule already shows how intelligent you are.
  6. Whether or not he thought wookie was gonna kidnap him, turn him in or fkn have a tea party it doesn't matter. He didn't use his voice, broke the rules and lied. The guy obviously is new to the game. He rdm'd both andrew and I moments before this without even saying anything. Your first point just proves how corrupt you guys are in protecting / hiring cops that break or don't know basic asylum rules.
  7. "Yo Sijanec stop" *Keeps walking* *I shoot him* *I get banned for rdm* So you're saying if I ask someone to stop I can just shoot him if he doesn't? Plus the guy literally stopped, got off the ladder he was climbing, explained what he was doing which gives the cadet no reason to shoot, then continued on the ladder. Plus the cadet lied about the whole situation to a higher up. boggles my mind how you guys are actually defending this guy xD Edit* he didnt even down him so you didnt even watch the video lmfao
  8. Surely you shouldn't be confused about the actions that should be taken towards this cadet that clearly broke the rules right
  9. LOL. you're mad that someone's playing and having fun within the rules? Did you miss the first 40 seconds of the video? There's a cadet that literally just rdm'ed (twice including the 2 others you see restrained) and you're angry about someone "pretending to be like a cop" (which he doesn't). I can now see how these new quality cadets are being trained and brought into these servers. Just curious - how often do you SGTs and LTs meet up to circle jerk each other?
  10. The fact that legendarywookie (who actually knows the rules) got demoted exposing a cadet who broke em. twice. n the cadets still a cadet lol gotta love the high iq of these LT's
  11. Post sheds light on some of the corrupt dumbass cops you guys are letting into the servers. The cadet wouldn't have been punished because he's *new* lol
  12. The same cadet (Seth) literally rdm'd Andrew and me when we were walking up the stairs right before this lmaooo you can see us restrained in the vid. Gotta love these TRAINED cadets.
  13. I completely understand where you're coming from. For sure we can't stop every bad egg from getting through but there can be procedures set to reduce them. Personally I've been experiencing a lot more "bad eggs" than I had a year ago. Probably to do with the increase of APD players but lower understanding of all the rules. Just a day ago I downed a cadet in Kavala HQ and after I was in custody he told a constable to charge me for terrorism (which he did). Thank god Corporal Asari was there or I woulda been out like 18k. What we've been suggesting for a while now was a stricter entrance to the APD with more testing questions. A friend of mine was a Constable a year ago and he's still one now. He's forgotten a whole lot yet he is still whitelisted. Stuff like retesting should be done to keep the APD team clean.
  14. Yea I get it. I should record everything. Not my point here though. I'm trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. Not have it happen and constantly punish or get compensated for rule breaking. Takes away the RP from it.
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