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  1. I've had the same idea and i've put it in my suggestion list i made a couple of days ago. It would be pretty neat to have something like the bounty hunting mechanic but for rebels. +1
  2. I like the idea of those but maybe make some illigal ones and restrict the vehicle type. Drug smuggeling maybe?
  3. Would something like that have a huge impact on the server performance? And i'm not sure, but maybe they could just use almost the same script as drug running and tweak it.
  4. True, maybe add a time-limit or player-limit? That's the reason i thought it could be improved, but you're probably right... Nobody calls taxis probably because the system sucks IMO. Maybe if it gets buffed, players will use it more often RP is awesome but it needs to have some kind of structure. Can you imagine to RP capping a Cartel / Robbing a bank without any kind of system? I actually love to fly in Arma. I've bought a joystick for it. Completely understandable When buying a Cargo van the description says 6 seats. And in the past it has been 6. Even the good ol' keyboard spam won't save ya Understandable since it's probably pretty hard/laggy to script for MP Thanks for your time, Trotfox.
  5. Thanks for your response, Making and selling drugs at the drug dealer is fun and all, but i really like the idea of just transporting it like doing it with the drug-runs. I find it kinda relaxing, and sometimes you encounter threats. Imagine having to travel across the map with a Hemit for a big payout. Figuring out the best route to go to that place and have your friends protect the goods. Yes, but a hunting system for rebels. Imagine this: A player doesn't like a particular person and isn't able to kill him himself, now he can place a hit for as much money he'd like to spend. The hitman can accept the job and try to earn some easy (or not so easy) money. It's a good way to help less skilled players kill their enemy and it's a new way rebels can play. I mean illegal street races with hatchback sports and a better payout. Is that already in the server? If so i'm going to check it out! (I think you mean the race events that start now and then) I get that terrorists are a huge problem for the server, but i sometimes i get stranded or want to go some place fast. I'd like to see the taxi feature improved so that more people will use it / request one. With end game missions i mean something like the bank robbery. Escorting a "person/AI/Object" to a place and make it visible on the map. Other players get a reward if they kill/destroy it. And when the escort is successful there's a huge payout. I was wrong when i said the thing i liked most about the server we're the activities. The RP is by far the most important thing for me. Everything that can improve that aspect is worth it. I get that the server needs donations to keep it running, but i like seeing variety on the roads and players. It would be awesome if the vans just had some basic extra colours instead of orange. Just add white/black/green or something. A lot of these things are really ambitious but i'd thought it wouldn't hurt to share my ideas
  6. Playing on the server != Posting/being on the forums.
  7. Y I K E S which of course also stands for: Your Ideas Keep Everyone Suprised
  8. Hello everyone, I've been playing on this server for quite some time now and this is my favorite life server by far. The thing i like the most about this server is the variety of things you can do like; Capturing cartels, Drug running, selling drugs, robbing the bank/Federal reserve, Bounty hunting, Hunting etc. After experiencing all these things, i've came up with some ideas to share with you guys. Some are better then others. The server is great as it is, but these things may make it even better. Activities: Drug-running missions in land vehicles. (Player gets sent on a risky mission to get drugs from location A to location B (Random?) The vehicle that must be used is slow, so it would be smart to have someone to watch your back) Players can put a hit on someone, and every rebel who has the hitman talent can take it. (The player who has been targeted will get a notification about the hitman) Street races where everyone can bet money. (Normal cars instead of karts) An option to play as a pilot. (People can request an aircraft) (More reward as a taxi driver in general) Being able to be/hire a bodyguard? Maybe more end game activities? (Maybe a gang can request some sort of AI escorting mission, that everyone on the server can try to sabotage) Small things: It would be great if your plane had a different skin when drug running, because i always get shot at when just flying a normal plane. More free/casual clothing skins for RP More van colours available in the shop Glitches: When players want to buy a cargo van (Without windows) at the truck shop, it says it holds 6 players but it only holds 2 for now. (Please make it 6 again) When pressing sit on some chairs you get stuck and have to re-log. (I've only experienced it with the Weight bank) Probably too big : More house customization for RP (It would be so awesome to fill your house with furniture and maybe even place a personal ATM or garage) That's it folks! Let me know what you think. I'm not expecting any of this to be implemented but i thought some of these we're pretty dope. See you in Altis Draoth
  9. I hope so man, thanks for your time i really appreciated it.
  10. Yeah, he apparently didn't follow the format correctly. When creating his teamspeak account he had to add his game id. So he thought it wouldn't be needed when appealing a ban. Not that smart and he should've read it better. But having his whole fairly earned account wiped for something he really didn't do is a tad bit too much i think. Is there any way to have him speaking in the teamspeak so he can tell his side, and maybe even give his talents back?
  11. Is there a way for him to get in contact with a admin or something, because he hasn't even seen a hacker. We only did drug runs on this server. I think this is a misunderstanding. All his skills are gone too, it's really absurd indeed.
  12. Hello everyone, My friend recently got banned and he did not know the reasoning behind it. He tried to get unbanned but he did not know how to approach this correctly so it was denied. He still didn't know what he has done at this point but he couldn't do anything but wait his time out. He finally joined the server when the ban was over, only to see his whole character wiped. All skills, money, vehicles. He had put a lot of time in this server and just wants to know what he did. But they don't want to talk because he already failed to appeal even though he just wants to know. It would help if the text when people get banned is more descriptive it would help a lot. He really likes this server but he's so sad that his skills got reset. I really hope my friend gets his mood to play on this server back so we can have some fun again. Draoth
  13. Thanks, Let me know if you hear something!
  14. Fix cargo vans. No one can get in the back anymore since the update. Also would be nice to have more colors for the cargo van
  15. Hope they fix it soon.