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Change log 8.1.3

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Today we are releasing a new crate:  Aggressor.  This crate is exclusively vehicle skins - mainly Ifrits in many colors with some higher end skins in the blue and purple range.  Here are the new skins coming into the game today:  


Thank you very much to @Gen. Henry Arnold for the skins in this pack.  

Additional items in this patch:  

  • APD Corporal+ members can now buy APD (and UC) Prowlers.  Make sure to follow the APD guidelines for their use!
    • 5Bd9S09.png
  • APD now have more hat choices
  • You can not form a gang from a house that is for sale on the market
  • Drilling oil will now properly fill the inventory of a vehicle at maximum levels

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Just now, Ibraheem said:

running low on money i see

It would be stupid to give them out for free when they already have a bunch of skins that you have to donate for.

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Whats on the list that is actually content that people may be waiting for ? Not trying to be an asshole, i think the majority of people are looking for something new in game other than skins.


All of this was suggested before November 9th and October 2nd, more than 5 months back and everyone liked it ???? why was it not added back then ? 

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Just now, Sean That Irish Guy said:

Not sure if being sarcastic in an attempt to be funny or just being your general retard self :thinking:

Not really asylum related.. but more playing from Europe on US servers expecting a different outcome than lag.  Logic is something that escapes you Sean, I don't expect you to understand.

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