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  1. They gave up on crafting not long after 6.0, top tier gear should just be bought like before at this point.
  2. When I recently played, there was no alternative weapon to use, maybe this has changed in the last few hours since I posted the issue. I understand if this was maybe a minor oversight when it was done or if maybe I needed to respawn 2x or something abnormal for get a default loadout that did not require DLC. I brought this issue up based on my experience ingame, that's all. I certainly hope that the default loadout is not going to require dlc as it never has ever for years now. I agree that adding the non-dlc stuff is cool for those who have it, but we should have non-dlc stuff for those of us who chose to donate money to Asylum instead of Bohmeia. Thank you for the actual response to the issue at hand, I appreciate it, but I do not appreciate the unprofessional attitudes from those on the team who act like this is 2+ years ago where anything goes. This team needs a lot of work before Asylum becomes a real gaming company as far as I am concerned based on tonight's behavior, with administrators literally saying I am going to be targeted for having a different opinion. That's all I have to say about this topic.
  3. I'm not an administrator of this community certainly you are held to a higher standard than the average fuck that plays here, yes? Or no? The fact that you literally just leveraged your position here as an administrator to " keep an eye out" for me since I had a different opinion than you is quite interesting though. This is what Asylum is now @bamf @Paratus? Administrators who threaten to keep an eye on people who disagree with them? Amazing.
  4. Frankly, you are downright rude and unprofessional. Instead of addressing the issue put forward with common courtesy and respect, you suggest players of this community go elsewhere when they voice their opinions on changes. This attitude does not in any way show respect for this community or the players within it. It fosters an echo chamber atmosphere where those who disagree are silenced and attacked for not agreeing with you. Absolutely unacceptable. You are someone that should absolutely not be representing Asylum and Identity going forward in my opinion.
  5. Top notch staff right here, 2 years and never once this much disrespect from someone on the admin team, disgusting. @bamf is this who represents you guys?
  6. I understand, the problem is that the default loadout requires the DLC, it's all I said, this is not the norm and has never been for over 2 years I have played here, apparently it's some major issue to point this out, and apparently the administration here feels if you have this issue you should go elsewhere. Ridiculous.
  7. Unfortunate that this is the position of the administration of asylum, I certainly hope you are nowhere near Identity, you are not cut out for it one bit.
  8. The default loadout is what I'm talking about needing the DLC...
  9. Of course I'd just buy a gun, has nothing to do with the unprofessional attitude coming from our new developer who has decided to approach this from an angle that hasn't been the norm. God forbid anyone question this shit, you guys are desperate to appease or what?
  10. Asylum has not at any point required you to own the DLC to play, but now that you are pushing updates, apparently it is a thing. Very unfortunate for this community.
  11. Buy the dlc to play on asylum? Was my $250 not good enough or?
  12. UC without DLC now spawn with a gun they can't equip. 10/10 work there...
  13. Don't give a fuck what he is talking about frankly, my comment stands alone about the donator "perks," which is what this thread overall is discussing.
  14. Donor stuff has been neutered by kids crying to Bohemia to get the server in trouble, wish they would add some more cosmetic stuff to compensate, but either way the 2k+ hours here was well worth the money.
  15. And people wonder why cops don't bother much with sitting around listening to someone's story these days?