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  1. They gave up on crafting not long after 6.0, top tier gear should just be bought like before at this point.
  2. Don't give a fuck what he is talking about frankly, my comment stands alone about the donator "perks," which is what this thread overall is discussing.
  3. Donor stuff has been neutered by kids crying to Bohemia to get the server in trouble, wish they would add some more cosmetic stuff to compensate, but either way the 2k+ hours here was well worth the money.
  4. And people wonder why cops don't bother much with sitting around listening to someone's story these days?
  5. Disagree because it would just be another item on the scroll wheel which is already a bit bloated as is.
  6. Some of us have lives outside of the video game. I enjoy playing still, but can only manage to make around the minimum due to issues in the real world. I just find it unfortunate that hours of playtime can just be lost and the ultimate answer by those that run the server is basically "nothing to be done." That's certainly not what I'd expect from a company looking to establish itself as a professional gaming company, but I guess there's nothing to be done so, oh well.
  7. It's unfortunate that the system was setup in such a way and that those in charge don't care about hours of playtime being lost which causes issues with the ability to continue enjoyment of the server. I'm not sure why the APD is using such a flawed system or why it's left in place by those that run the server. Let's hope amateur hour is over when they move on to Identity.
  8. Some of us have obligations outside this game. Oh well, must be time to move on because the people running this community can't be assed to get things that function proper. Identity going to be a laugh I can see it already.
  9. So our playtime might not even get recorded while playing and yet we're basing our ability to stay active on this? That's a bit ridiculous...
  10. Something is broken with the playtime check. I had mine checked near the end of last month and had 14 hours, I then played 1 1/2 hours on the 31st to get above 15, but apparently this did not register and I got marked inactive. Does the system fail to check the full month (31 days) or what? @Gnashes
  11. Agreed, change it back to a long ranged fortified peekfest.
  12. Seems fine to me, but I think there should be a charge for concealing your identity that allows cops to stop people who are doing it.
  13. System seems fine as is, but money is basically irrelevant on cop anyway so whatever. Some people sound upset that cops don't want to attack people sitting on a bank roof and other fortified positions over and over with downing rounds. It's boring, much prefer the RP and combat in cities.
  14. Most the tough stuff they added in 6.0, like crafting weapons and what not got reverted right quick. Was a good idea, but some people couldn't handle having to craft top tier weaponry.
  15. Keep as is, people just gotta suck it up, not everything is balanced on this server and it never will be.
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