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  1. tag your it! (tag another profile)

  2. There are a few things to mention, but I'll get right to the biggest change: @bamf is, as of tonight, a co-owner of the community with me. Bamf will have the same authority and access as I do and we'll make decisions together going forward. So, congrats to Bamf on the ultimate promotion! There are a few reasons for this change, and one of those is that we'd like to expand the team with code contributors from the community so that we can push out more features at a faster pace. Bamf's help in management will make that possible. There are also going to be some significant structure changes to other parts of our team as well as policies for bans and how they're managed. You're going to get more information on that really soon, but our goal is to make things easier on the people who receive bans so long as they're not for serious causes. So, congrats to Bamf! There are a lot of great changes coming. MAGA!
  3. I'll apologize too. My rant was only at your first paragraph, but the rest didn't warrant a harsh response!
  4. Not really interested in doing this as it's to simulate a full military experience. But, that said, there are no jets on Malden due to it's size.
  5. Think what you will, but your logic doesn't make sense there. I made Strife in a couple of weeks in my spare time. There's a LOT of code and work in there. So saying I made that as a ploy is a bit insane when that time could have made features for life all the same. The reality is that I made Strife because it can attract a new audience to our community. That is the real reason, and it's working. Strife is Strife, and it doesn't need continual development like Life does. Once the base game is working properly it takes minor updates to improve it. I work on Identity from 9-5, and then I work on Arma stuff. I can do a lot in those hours each day. My baby sleeps by 8pm every day. Why am I even explaining myself like this? I've said it before and if you don't believe me then I'm fine with that. Once Strife doesn't have any significant bugs my focus shifts back.
  6. My dev focus will shift back to Altis once the main issues with Strife are fixed. Lots of bugs there still. I have a few features already pretty deep into development which I'll be fixing up soon. I get you guys want more Life updates, and they'll come, but understand you're part of a community and a lot of people enjoy Strife. You can both play what you enjoy.. you're not forced into one place or another. The fact that the two have such huge differences in gameplay style is intentional. They're not both meant to cater to everyone.
  7. Malden is a new map released for free to all owners of Arma 3 tomorrow. It's a smaller map, somewhere between the size of Stratis and Tanoa, which has a very arid environment. It looks very similar to Stratis, only with more cities and a larger area. We've found that due to its size it won't play very well for Life, and so we're going to make it available to Strife. I understand that people will dislike the lack of a new place to play our primary mode, Life, but given what the map offers it simply wouldn't last. In addition, it's not enough to warrant new hardware which would mean that if we did put out a Malden Life server it'd mean replacing an existing Altis Life server, which we feel just isn't worth it. So on release day you'll get your hands on Malden Strife. The existing Strife server is going to rotate between Malden and Tanoa so those of you without Apex can give Strife a shot.
  8. Paratus


    Not really true, but it's not 8.0.
  9. The STRIFE system will post messages to this thread automatically when it records a war being won.
  10. But, there are better rocket launchers already? Also there's these cool backpacks to set up static weapons. That'll work once you can open your inventory to drop one!
  11. Thx paparatus

  12. pls patch!!!!

  13. Been working my ass off on something significant and it's not too far off now.
  14. This is completely fake. Our servers run on yams.
  15. LOL. I'm on all the time just browsing and reading, but sometimes I forget to log out. I have to hide! It's sort of like when I play Arma. I have to go offline on Steam and play under weird names or people just give me free stuff.
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