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  1. @Dull You need to take a Place here!!! hahaha 10/10
  2. hahah thats just how i do things ! btw i had forgoten all about ur post Damn! Give it a bit more time and more ppl will come . Thank you dull for getting me addicted again.
  3. Hello there guys and girls. For People that dont know me My name is Leonheartzed i used to play altis Cop mainly in asylum back a few wears. I am acually a Greek guy so you all guys kinda trespassing But Meh. i love roleplaying most of the times I am here to have fun like most of you guys if you see me around you can always chat or hang out with me just a few pointers though I love my hatchback sports You aint touching one . I was an Lt for a long time back in the day and i Loved my drone if and when i get one You aint touching it . Other than that we will be just fine. Now for all the old faces i see around i hope i see you around to have a little chat and to catch up ! its Been a while. Its seems i have a lot of caching up to do so for a few days bear with me .
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