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  1. You retards do prison break to kill cops but when you get your ass and ego kicked you cry about it cause they should read you your rights for 10 hours, roleplay with you for 20 then give you 5 tickets, just enough time for your teammates to come escort you and put you in prison church walls so no one can escort you till the 10 minute timers for restrains break so you can reconnect like the top tier gangs do , maybe the cops doesn't wanna get outplayed by that
  2. I don't even play anymore, so wouldn't care less if they're active or not. Last couple years I checked this forum it's just filled with gangs tears and salt on every section of forum just like how it always has been. But don't be offended of what I said though, your virginity will always be safe, chong.
  3. Drunken Squad or whatever their name is seems like the most chill gang on the history of Asylum. It really depends on what you're looking for, if it's fun go join them. If you wanna be toxic and keep your virginity safe then I would recommend joining one of the self claimed ''top tier'' gangs.
  4. Damn when you realize Paratus stopped giving a fuck about Asylum in it's prime time with 4 filled servers for Identity which turned out to be a disaster.
  5. I think all seems fine besides this Decrease or remove timer for rev'd people to revive others. You don't want this to be like Left 4 dead zombies, do ya?
  6. Uh, you should have seen Gnashes before.. He gave me a point on forum once for having a girl photo on my profile picture while he had a hentai one himself..
  7. Don't know who you are and what you did but you should have been here in the early days when Bamf was in charge, he'd never punish you ever, matter of facts we had 2 CPTs that had him in their backpocket, search anywhere you'll find thousands of videos of them breaking every single rule on the server yet getting away with it.. Now they are rats that don't even dare to play cause they'll end up getting banned for doing same shit they did before. But that has changed since Clint got ownership.
  8. Been fun playing with and against you since the regiment days. Thanks for all the things you've done for the community, o7.
  9. Pretty sure you do, are you not the magician that puts his gang members in church walls to make them disappear? Or the beta cuck that shave his legs, I bet you trim your pussy every night too @RetardNChong yeah explains why you keep replying then, mr stoner girl
  10. Wasn't an insult, just facts. You and ur gang are nothing but losers and no lifers lol and no one around here have seen me so. Whatever makes you compensate for your insecurities though, if it means throwing rumors like every one around here who has my name like a dick in their mouth, then so be it. I just want you to sleep better at night. Who is this no namer, are u new here bud? Want me to read u the rules? U look like u have been banned couple times for the same things.
  11. You sound pretty surprised about the existence of huge gyms that can fit stuff. You'll probably see 1 or 2 if you roll up the curtains in your server, I mean your room.
  12. Roids for what? His chicken legs? The girls that workout at my gym has bigger legs than that beta cuck.
  13. Dull


    Hot tea, I've never tried iced tea to be honest. It just sounds so fucking wrong.
  14. EU countries walking into prison to meet the rest of the squad after posting a meme.
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