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    "Done?" We are just getting warmed up. Thank you for the vote of confidence and positive thinking. 
  2. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by BaDaBiNg_10-8 in THE PRIME MASS BAN Part 2   
    Heard a rumor you still live with your parents, never been with a female, and will NEVER get LT. 
  3. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by Codie Alterman in ****APD Policy Update 1/18/19****   
    Effective Immediately
    Any officer at the rank of Lieutenant or below are required to be in the APD Police Precinct Channels while on duty no matter what (even if with a Captain).
    This change is to help bridge the gap between our lower ranking officers (the backbone of the APD) and our APD staff team.
    Note: Moderators and Admins are exempt from this policy.
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    Asylum has always meant more to me than any other game. This is where I met Drunk Squad and ever since it has been the best 6,249 hours of my life. Not only have we made some of the best memories in game but we became so close that I have met several DS members in real life. I have flown out to watch one graduate basic training. We have had DS members fly out to visit me. I took a road trip with a few DS members and went to a few states. I am planning to fly out sometime next year to watch a DS member get married. To me Asylum has always meant more than just cartel fights. Some of us have grown so close in DS that if something bad were to ever happen (God forbid) we would be on a flight within the hour to go see whoever it was. I will always be a part of this community and I hope that maybe someone else can get the same experiences I have had from this community. 
  6. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by Azeh in The Reason We Play Asylum   
    Gangs wouldn't "just be gangs" if they didn't disband every other week. While I can't speak for gangs other than Envy - I think any long-time gang feels the same way too. Gangs that have stuck together for years are more than just an Asylum gang. You said gangs used to be like a virtual family, but I think the vast majority of my gang if not everyone would agree when I say we are like a virtual family. We talk to each other about anything, both game related and non-game related. Even if we don't have a game to play, those who are around will usually just sit in TS and talk about anything.
    If I want to play something that isn't Asylum, my gang members are usually the first people I'll ask to play. LoL, CS:GO, DayZ, Exile, Siege, Rust, Golf With Your Friends, whatever the game or server may be. We'll play something for as long as it's fun, then stop playing and either come back to it at a later time or never play it again. However, Asylum is just one of those things you keep coming back to despite the many complaints that can be made about both ARMA and Asylum. The game might be terrible at times and Asylum definitely has its issues too, but the experience you have on Asylum can't be replicated on any other game. The community has certainly played a very major part in making Asylum what it is, but the gameplay it offers is what allowed the community to be molded into what we all think is so great. Not many games let you play with groups of 10, 20 or even 30+ people.
  7. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by X Jake in Dorida Action   
    If i had respond on ground it would have gone a lot quicker. Idk why I let Sammy try to bench snipe for so long. Dude couldn’t hit a building if he was in it. 
  8. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by Proud in Wish your forum god happy birthday   
    Mononucleosis is an infectious illness that’s sometimes called mono or “the kissing disease.” While you can get the virus that causes it through kissing, you can also get it in other ways like sharing drinks or utensils. It’s contagious, but you’re less likely to catch mono than other illnesses like the common cold.
  9. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by Eazy Reformed Good Boy in Wish your forum god happy birthday   
    Wish me happy bday or you have a redname in game permanently 
  10. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by Luke SwagWalker in Money Making/Crafting Calculators for Asylum   
    hey everyone @Josh Boon And I made a Spreadsheet for everyone to download and use. it has Gun Crafting, Vehicle Crafting, Liquor Running, and Drug Running Calculators. We're Going to Keep Updating it as Time Goes on, so its in no way finished. I am in no way Perfect when it comes to Google Sheets so if you see bugs report them here and ill try and fix them as soon as i can. Or if you have ideas you can talk about them here too.
    NOTE: Some Calcs Are a work in Progress and aren't Totally finished
    V1.2.0 :
    To use the SpreadSheet Follow these instructions.
    1. Have a Google Account.
    2.Click the Link Above
    3. go to file then Make a Copy
    4. Name it and then Save it to your Drive.
  11. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by Alec-I in APD Captures FSA   
    classic vesting 
    thanks to @Aslan for saving the day 
    thanks to @Midamaru for his perspective
    and thank @Allah for his guidance
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  14. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by BaDaBiNg_10-8 in Change Log 8.2.4   
    The upcoming rebel additions and reassignment of the current location(s) was actually my project. I won’t say who designed them just yet because they will get credit in a future announcement soon enough. 
    So to answer your question, Yes. 
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    @Tom random retard reporting in

  16. Maaqs liked a post in a topic by Tom in Prime.   
    Asylum Cartel Player 1 : ay retard you are dog shit at this game
    Asylum Cartel Player 2 : I rip your head off every fight stfu
    Asylum Cartel Player 1 : stfu kid your a BOT
    Asylum Cartel Player 2 : atleast I dont weigh 400 pounds and I have a life!!
    Asylum Cartel Player 1 : drinking with 3 other dudes on a friday night alone is not a life
    Random: Post meme of popcorn
    Admin: Stop or the thread is locked
    Asylum Cartel Player 2: your a nobody
    Asylum Cartel Player 1: nobody? ive been here a month you ugly retard, drop on me vendor
    Asylum Cartel Player 2: You sit inside all day you obese fingerless bot
    Admin: Locked
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    You are worse than jaconite with your cringe posts man.
    Your gang screams at you for not getting on? Most your gang fucking hate you kid.
    You have a life? Fiddling your brothers arse hole while you share a fucking single bed doesn't count incel.
    A squeaky fuck better than me at the game? I literally bounty hunt you for fun while you try hard and still suck ass.
    Sit down and shut the fuck up? Why, what will you do? Summon the other incels you call "friends"?
    I'm the definition of a chromie? Nice, i guarantee you play fortnite and put it on your snapchat story with the caption "the squad"
    Don't even try talk to me you fucking autistic braindead body bag of a human
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    nah i enjoy seeing method and explicit cry when we send em
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    I suppose if I knew who you were, it would refresh my memory.